2026 F1 Regulations Insight

Krack Urges Early 2026 F1 Rule Insights


Aston Martin’s Mike Krack emphasizes the early need for 2026 F1 regulations, highlighting the major changes ahead.

Aston Martin F1 Team Principal Mike Krack has underscored the significance of receiving an early glimpse into the 2026 F1 regulations as soon as possible.

A new set of rules is set to come into effect in just under two years, featuring an overhaul of both aerodynamic and power unit regulations.

The rules regarding the new engines have been confirmed for some time now, with six manufacturers currently registered: Mercedes, Renault, Honda, Ferrari, Red Bull (in partnership with Ford), and Audi.

However, the aerodynamic regulations are still under development, with Krack anticipating the initial version to be delivered to the teams in the coming months.

“There was a discussion at the beginning of March where many topics were discussed. I believe the goal is to have a complete set of regulations by the end of June.”

While teams will be able to review the regulations earlier, all wind tunnel and CFD work is prohibited until January 1, 2025.

Krack, however, has stated that key issues need to be addressed before teams begin development next year.

“We will start from these regulations, but they will probably not be completely finished by the end of June. But I think it’s important to have regulations as soon as possible because it’s a big change for everyone.”

“Therefore, we need to see what are the weight targets? What is the car architecture? What is the tire size? A lot of work is still ongoing, there are still discussions, so we should not delay too much.”

In recent days, however, F1 has agreed to stick with Pirelli for the 18-inch tires, instead of moving to 16 inches, which could have reduced the weight by about ten kilograms. Thus, the pursuit of weight reduction will have to occur elsewhere.

2026 F1 Regulations Insight. 2026 F1 Regulations Insight


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