McLaren's 2024 F1 Upgrade Targets Front End Flaw

McLaren’s 2024 F1 Upgrade Targets Front End Flaw


McLaren reveals its strategic upgrade for the 2024 F1 season to overcome a persistent issue in slow corners, aiming for significant performance gains.

McLaren has unveiled its plans for its first major upgrade of the 2024 Formula 1 season, marking the initial step to address a weakness that may not be fully resolved until 2025.

The team has suffered from a chronic performance deficit in slow corners over recent years, a problem tracing back even before the current ground-effect regulations were introduced in 2022.

Andrea Stella, the team principal, is adamant: McLaren F1 understands the root cause of its struggles, pointing to the car’s front end as the culprit.

Consequently, an upgrade package is scheduled for “around the sixth or seventh race,” targeting this enduring shortcoming. A new front wing will be a key component of this upgrade, given that the McLaren-Mercedes MCL38’s design has not significantly deviated from its 2023 predecessor.

“We grasp the underlying issue, but translating designs into solutions for this problem requires several weeks.”

“Undoubtedly, most of these projects focus on the front end of the car. In fact, this area has seen minimal improvement from last year.”

“The region around the front wing mirrors last year’s, so we’re hopeful of soon delivering this crucial new component. However, I won’t divulge which component it is.”

“We’re observing at the factory, during development, that it’s beneficial, but it hasn’t yet hit the track as there’s more work to be done.”

“If we weren’t seeing these developmental advances behind the scenes, I’d be concerned. We’re witnessing improvement but need to hasten the process for it to reach the track as soon as possible, aiming for Miami or, at the latest, Imola, which falls around the sixth or seventh race of the season.”

McLaren’s 2024 F1 Upgrade Targets Front End Flaw. McLaren’s 2024 F1 Upgrade Targets Front End Flaw


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