Doornbos Doubts Leclerc's World Champion Potential

Doornbos Doubts Leclerc’s World Champion Potential


Former F1 driver Robert Doornbos questions Charles Leclerc’s ability to win a world championship, citing a lack of ruthlessness compared to rivals like Hamilton and Verstappen.

World Champion Leclerc? Lacks the Grit of Hamilton and Verstappen, Says Doornbos

Mental toughness, ruthlessness, a tendency to prevail over engineers’ opinions: all qualities that, according to Robert Doornbos, Charles Leclerc lacks and this, among other things, prevents him from becoming a world champion.

The former Formula 1 driver compares the Monacan to Hamilton and Verstappen, believing that these latter have often shown their ruthlessness and outspokenness. “Let’s say Ferrari gets the best car next year, then Hamilton will eat [him],” Doornbos said referring to Leclerc. “Leclerc doesn’t seem tough when I look at the mistakes he makes and how he is with his engineers,” he added.

Despite being widely considered the fastest driver in Formula 1, Leclerc has won only five races since he has been with Ferrari, and currently his teammate Carlos Sainz is doing better. The Spaniard, indeed, has secured two recent victories, despite health issues that have affected him.

Doornbos Doubts Leclerc's World Champion Potential

Also Rosberg has his say…

Formula 1 World Champion 2016 Nico Rosberg wanted to express a viewpoint similar to that of Doornbos, but regarding the future relationship between Hamilton and Leclerc. Rosberg also believes that Leclerc’s temperament will not cause friction with the seven-time world champion.

He himself had a less than ideal relationship with Hamilton, with whom he was often involved in various title battles. He said on Sky F1 broadcast: “We are all waiting for that dynamic. Charles doesn’t seem like someone who gets too conflicted with his teammates, which will make it easier.”

“However, I mean, Charles is probably the second best qualifier out there after Max Verstappen, you could perhaps say at the moment. So, it will be a tough, tough battle for both really and I think the level might be quite similar, so it would be nice to watch,” he concluded.

Doornbos Doubts Leclerc's World Champion Potential

Doornbos Doubts Leclerc’s World Champion Potential. Doornbos Doubts Leclerc’s World Champion Potential

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