Norris Ready to Face Verstappen

Norris Ready to Face Verstappen, Unfazed by Challenge


Lando Norris expresses his readiness to compete with Max Verstappen, undeterred by the daunting task ahead.

Along with Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris is one of the drivers who criticizes himself the most. Never satisfied with his own performances and always harsh, could the McLaren driver not be more lenient with himself? Especially since he delivers remarkable performances weekend after weekend.

It’s this mental approach, which seems to bear fruit, that Norris has reflected on…

“I overthink a lot, I think a lot about different scenarios, good or bad, and I am absolutely critical of myself.”

“Yes, I talk a lot with my brain. I’m always in my head. It’s not that I can’t focus. It’s more that I think a lot about certain things and I’m not happy until I’ve found an answer to the question or problem at hand.”

“I’m self-critical and I know it might seem unpleasant from the outside, but I watch my own interviews and I look so bored and unhappy. It’s because my mind is swirling, thinking: ‘Why did I make a mistake? What would have happened if I had done this or that? What if I had tried something else?'”

“But I set high goals for myself, I know what I’m capable of, I want to try to achieve great things and I won’t get there by resting on my laurels.”

Lando Norris is not afraid of Max Verstappen…

Does Lando Norris lack confidence? Some have speculated this, citing the McLaren F1 driver’s refusal to join Max Verstappen at Red Bull (if he had been courted…).

But the Briton defends himself: he is afraid of no one. Not even Max Verstappen?

“I believe I can win a championship with McLaren F1, that’s why I signed another contract. I absolutely think I can match Max and give him a good challenge.”

Moreover, Max Verstappen himself did not want to join Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes F1, continues Lando Norris…

“But I also recognize Max’s talent, so for anyone, it’s extremely challenging to face Max on his team and challenge him for a world championship. He could have moved to Mercedes back then and faced Lewis [Hamilton], but would that have been a good idea? Probably not, and he likely wouldn’t be in a Red Bull today, and it would be a different story.”

“I’m not at all afraid of Max; I’m excited about the prospect of facing him. People consider him one of the best, so I’d like to prove myself by measuring up against him. I look forward to fighting with him, but really for a first place, without him having a half-second more per lap and overtaking me.”

“I think in addition to everything I can control, I’ve made a conscious effort to try to improve. I’m working on my weaknesses, I train a bit more, I make better decisions. These are little things that add up over a season. I’ve never felt better.”

Norris Ready to Face Verstappen

Norris Ready to Face Verstappen, Unfazed by Challenge. Norris Ready to Face Verstappen, Unfazed by Challenge

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