Hamilton's Move to Ferrari Rosberg Weighs In

Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari: Rosberg Weighs In


Nico Rosberg discusses Lewis Hamilton’s anticipated move to Ferrari alongside Charles Leclerc, describing the dynamic and challenges Hamilton might face in this new chapter of his racing career.

Nico Rosberg looks forward to seeing the dynamic between Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc at Ferrari next year. Hamilton’s former teammate at Mercedes F1 believes the Brit should be wary of his future teammate.

“We are all eager to see this dynamic,” Rosberg said on Sky Sports. “Charles doesn’t seem to be someone who conflicts much with his teammate, so that might make things easier, maybe it won’t be too spicy.”

Hamilton's Move to Ferrari Rosberg Weighs In

“Nevertheless, Charles is probably the second best in qualifiers after Max Verstappen, so it will be a tough battle for both. I think the level might be quite similar, so it will be great to watch.”

Rosberg acknowledges that it was a shock, but he also notes that Hamilton’s decision is not without logic: “It’s a huge surprise. Nobody expected it. But if you look at the bigger picture, why not?”

“He’s nearing the end of his career. There are two legendary teams—Mercedes and Ferrari—and I know Lewis has always been a big fan of Ferrari road cars, so why not make this change and have a different experience driving in red for once?”

“For now, it seems to be the right decision for him in terms of performance, and he might have made a surprising choice like he did 12 years ago when he left McLaren for Mercedes.”

“McLaren was winning races and Mercedes was nowhere, and as soon as he left, McLaren went backwards and Mercedes started winning races. Maybe he can do the same thing again.”

Rosberg wouldn’t be surprised to see Hamilton stay as long as Fernando Alonso in F1: “Fernando will be 43 in a few months, and seeing him continue to drive at the top level is really incredible. It’s only because he’s one of the all-time great drivers that he’s able to do this.”

“And so, yes, Lewis can surely do it too. Just six months ago, Lewis was perhaps still the best on the grid alongside Verstappen, now the start of the season has been a bit more challenging, but Lewis can surely do the same and go into his forties, no problem.”

As for which driver Mercedes F1 should place in Lewis Hamilton’s seat in 2025, Rosberg already wants to rule out—for now—a name that has been mentioned among the favorites.

“If Max (Verstappen) doesn’t come… Well, Kimi Antonelli is definitely a future superstar. But unfortunately, in terms of timing, it’s really too early for him, and especially too early for Toto to make a decision on Antonelli.”

“I mean, he needs to wait a bit later in the year as we see how Antonelli also performs in Formula 2, because he needs a very good season in Formula 2 to even give him the possibility of going straight to Mercedes.”

“Otherwise, some time at Williams or something like that would make sense.”

Hamilton's Move to Ferrari Rosberg Weighs In

Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari: Rosberg Weighs In. Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari: Rosberg Weighs In

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