Bottas Nicotine Product Criticism

Bottas Criticized for Nicotine Product Endorsement


Valtteri Bottas faces backlash in Finland for endorsing a nicotine product, marking a shift from his Mercedes F1 days.

Valtteri Bottas faces criticism in Finland for his discreet endorsement of a nicotine-based product.

The Finn has shed his clean image since leaving Mercedes F1, now sporting a mustache and a “mullet” haircut, all while maintaining an active and innovative social media presence for his various commercial interests.

One of his latest deals appears to be a collaboration with Polish nicotine company Luna Corporate. Although Bottas’s actual name is not on the brand “77 Pouches,” the distinct silhouette of his face on the range of flavored nicotine pouch products is unmistakable.

Bottas has not confirmed his agreement to be the advertising face of this brand. His manager has not responded to requests for comment in recent days.

The nicotine content of the strongest product is 20 grams, a quantity banned by Finnish legislation.

“It is regrettable that Valtteri Bottas knowingly advertises a harmful and highly addictive product,” stated ASH, a Finnish organization of public health experts and anti-tobacco policy.

Ville Ahtiainen, responsible for Bottas’s sponsorship, denies knowledge of the F1 driver’s partnership with Luna Corporate. Ahtiainen has promised to look into the matter but has not responded to further contact requests.

Bottas was seen with a circular nicotine box in his pocket in an Instagram post late last year.

Bottas Nicotine Product Criticism. f1 Bottas Nicotine Product Criticism


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