Aston Martin F1 Ambitions

Red Bull’s Reign Challenges Aston Martin’s Ambition


Following the AMR24’s debut, Aston Martin F1, with Stroll, Alonso, and Krack, targets major advancements to challenge the grid’s leaders, despite a mixed performance year and Red Bull’s dominance.

Following the launch of the AMR24, Aston Martin F1’s new single-seater, Lance Stroll, alongside Fernando Alonso and Mike Krack, hopes for further significant progress to close the gap to the front of the grid.

Finishing 5th in the constructors’ championship in 2023, Aston Martin F1 had initially emerged as the second strongest team on the grid behind Red Bull. So, what is a realistic goal to aim for after a year of ups and downs?

“We just need to put a faster F1 race car on the track. It’s really that simple, isn’t it?” jokes Stroll.

“More seriously, beating Red Bull seems very tough. They have been dominating the sport for a few years now, since the new regulations came into effect. And Max has also been driving exceptionally well; he’s in top form. So, it’s definitely a challenge to be at their level after just one winter.”

“I don’t think our goal is really to beat Red Bull. I mean, we want to get there someday. But our real goal is to be as strong a team as possible. And we have a lot of ideas, a lot of things in preparation to become a much stronger team, and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

“When we simply try to be as strong as possible, most of the time, we really had a great car, and we were able to fight for good positions and achieve very good results. So, that’s our goal.”

Aston Martin F1 Ambitions. Aston Martin F1 Ambitions


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