Audi F1 Entry 2026

Official: Audi F1 Confirms 100% Acquisition of Sauber


Audi solidifies its Formula 1 aspirations by planning a full acquisition of Sauber Group and naming its F1 leadership, dispelling any withdrawal speculation.

Audi has confirmed its commitment to enter Formula 1 by 2026, dispelling ongoing rumors of a potential withdrawal from the project. The German manufacturer has announced plans to acquire a 100% stake in Sauber Group in the coming months and has appointed its leadership positions.

Oliver Hoffmann, currently leading the technical development department, will become the general representative and chairman of the board of Audi F1. He is stepping down from his role on the management board of Audi to focus on his position within the Formula 1 division.

Andreas Seidl, who joined the team from McLaren in 2022, will serve as CEO of Audi F1. The company states he will be “the face” of the project. Gernot Döllner will head the technical development at Audi AG, which pertains to road vehicles, in addition to his existing responsibilities as CEO of the brand.

Thus, Audi has signed an agreement with Islero Investments AG to take full control of Sauber Group in the next few months, and the group divesting its ownership “fully supports this change,” according to Audi’s press release.

“I thank Gernot Döllner and Oliver Hoffmann for their trust, and I look forward to leading Audi into Formula 1 with a highly motivated team as CEO of the Audi F1 Team,” Seidl stated.

“We have a clear roadmap on how we aim to become competitive at Hinwil and Neuburg. We have set ambitious goals. Their achievement is in progress and will be further accelerated by Audi AG’s complete takeover of Sauber.”

“Accelerating the preparations” for 2026

Hoffmann praised the team’s efforts in launching this project: “I would like to thank the entire technical development team for their excellent achievements in recent years, and I am proud of the exceptional products resulting from our intensive work that we will present in the coming months.”

“Motorsport, especially Formula 1, is my great passion. I am convinced that by consolidating responsibilities and taking 100% ownership of Sauber Group, we will further accelerate our preparations for the race launch in 2026.”

“I am pleased that we have secured Andreas Seidl as CEO of Audi F1. He is precisely the right person for our ambitious plan. With his extensive experience in leadership positions, he will make a significant contribution to Audi’s Formula 1 project.”

Gernot Döllner, as chairman of the management committee of Audi, commended Hoffmann’s work, who has been involved in the launch of numerous Audi road models, especially in the plug-in hybrid and electric ranges.

“I thank Oliver Hoffmann for his tireless dedication as the board member responsible for technical development. Over the years, Oliver has significantly contributed to refining the DNA of Audi products that we are now gradually bringing to market,” Döllner said.

Audi F1 Entry 2026. Audi F1 Entry 2026

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