Aston Martin Newey Speculation

Aston Martin F1 Considers Newey Amid Speculation


Aston Martin F1 is reevaluating their stance on hiring Adrian Newey, sparking industry whispers.

Aston Martin F1 Team Principal Mike Krack now admits that the team is assessing the possibility of hiring Adrian Newey.

Earlier in Miami, when asked about rumors of Aston Martin’s interest in Red Bull’s outgoing technical guru, Krack had stated, “We are quite satisfied with our technical team and will continue with it.”

However, Newey was later seen in conversation with Aston Martin’s billionaire owner, Lawrence Stroll, in the Miami paddock. According to Stroll, Newey has not yet committed to Ferrari or any other team. Thus, the courtship continues.

Possibly corrected by the top boss, Krack slightly altered his response regarding Newey when questioned after Sunday’s race.

“I think as Aston Martin, it is important to follow our own path. With the people and the team we have. I stand by that.”

“We want to build our success and compete against the strongest. Obviously, if someone of that caliber is available, it’s important to consider and value them.”

“This is something we need to evaluate in detail—what he can bring, the downsides, all of it.”

Aston Martin Newey Speculation

Aston Martin Newey Speculation. Aston Martin Newey Speculation

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