Turbulent Tides Verstappen's Impact on McLaren

Turbulent Tides: Verstappen’s Impact on McLaren


Red Bull and Verstappen’s Formula 1 supremacy ignite a spark in McLaren, anticipating significant strides with MCL38 in Miami Grand Prix, fueled by “extra motivation

McLaren F1’s team principal, Andrea Stella, states that Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s dominance in Formula 1 serves as an “extra motivation” for his team to close the gap.

Turbulent Tides: Verstappen's Impact on McLaren

McLaren kicked off 2024 with two podium finishes in the first five races and appears to be the second or third strongest team on the grid, depending on the circuit, alongside Ferrari. And in Miami, victory finally came for Lando Norris!

Despite Red Bull’s ongoing dominance early in this campaign, Stella reiterated his optimism that McLaren could narrow the gap and compete more frequently for victories.

Asked about a Formula 1 without Verstappen and Red Bull, Stella replied, “You know what? Now that you mention it, I think I’ve never really thought about it!”

“Because my goal isn’t to wonder what it would be like without Max. My goal is to figure out how to close the gap with Max.”

“I have a lot of admiration for what Red Bull achieves, and I think that winning so consistently is not easy.”

“There are so many reasons why things can go wrong, even if they might seem simple to some extent.”

“Really, hats off to what Max and Red Bull accomplish technically, operationally, and in sporting terms. Because even though it might seem almost ordinary, it’s not.”

“So, we see this as extra motivation. We look at how they do things, but my thoughts are focused on how to get there.”

McLaren introduced its first major upgrade package at the Miami Grand Prix this weekend.

Asked about the results provided by these new parts, Stella stated that although they are not as significant as those introduced last season, “it has been noticeable and constitutes a step forward.”

“I can’t say much more. Otherwise, we are talking about numbers. I would like to keep it confidential.”

“But let’s say that the step taken was probably not as big as Austria or Singapore in 2023. But noticeable.”

Turbulent Tides Verstappen's Impact on McLaren

Turbulent Tides: Verstappen’s Impact on McLaren. Turbulent Tides: Verstappen’s Impact on McLaren

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