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Aston Martin F1 2024 – Unveiling a Wind Tunnel Saga


Aston Martin‘s technical resurgence is on the horizon as Dan Fallows, the Technical Director, unveils the team’s fervent anticipation for their new wind tunnel, set to revolutionize their R&D capabilities and mark a pivotal departure from historical dependencies.

Dan Fallows has disclosed the palpable excitement within the team’s R&D divisions, eagerly anticipating the deployment of their new wind tunnel slated for activation later this year.

In a significant stride towards enhancing the infrastructure at Aston’s Silverstone base, which included transitioning to a new factory in 2023, the introduction of its inaugural wind tunnel marks a monumental shift. Fallows asserts this advancement will “usher in a major transformation and yield substantial benefits.”

Historically reliant on Mercedes‘ wind tunnel in Brackley, the team is pivoting away from this dependence, in line with its strategy to adopt Honda power units in 2026. The establishment of their proprietary wind tunnel is a critical component in their quest for F1 supremacy.

Fallows, with prior experience at Red Bull and its dedicated wind tunnel facility, before his tenure at Aston and the shared arrangement with Mercedes, possesses a unique perspective on the profound impact of this development.

In an exclusive conversation with F1Lead, Fallows shared, “Being in a setting where you have that autonomy (with your own wind tunnel) and then transitioning to a scenario where you’re sharing a wind tunnel, even one of high caliber, significantly enhances your capacity to undertake research initiatives alongside your regular wind tunnel development agenda.

Aston’s Aerodynamic Breakthrough Ahead

“This is especially pertinent when delving into the aerodynamics of novel vehicles. For instance, as we approach the 2026 regulations, which are quite revolutionary, our new facility will be instrumental.

“It’s an exhilarating time for us because there’s an array of projects we’re eager to explore, but constraints in the (Mercedes) wind tunnel have limited us.

“Our R&D departments are incredibly eager to leverage this new tunnel. The question now is whether there will be sufficient hours in the week to accommodate all these projects.

“Nevertheless, this represents a significant leap forward for us.”

Fallows anticipates the new wind tunnel’s activation, set for this year’s third quarter around the August summer recess, will reach full operational status closer to the year’s end.

He elaborated, “Understandably, these endeavors require a meticulous commissioning phase. We must ensure it’s precisely calibrated to support our standard development regimen.

“Our focus is unwavering in ensuring everything is primed for action.

“The tunnel will be outfitted with some cutting-edge technology, and we must verify its seamless functionality before diving in.

“Yet, once we’re confident it’s performing to our exact specifications, we’ll transition our core development activities into this new space.”

Aston Martin F1 Wind Tunnel Future Unveiled

Fallows highlights the “quite extensive” long-term advantages of the new wind tunnel, set to significantly influence car development for 2026 and coincide with new power unit regulations profoundly impacting aerodynamics.

He noted, “It’s not just about a single year’s car model or the next; it’s fundamentally about the evolution of our aerodynamics department. This includes a deeper comprehension of the tools at our disposal.

“Undoubtedly, the earlier we can commence operations, the better. However, the rewards we anticipate will span multiple years, extending beyond the development of just one car.”

Aston Martin will reveal its 2024 vehicle at the Silverstone headquarters on February 12.

Aston Martin F1 Wind Tunnel Revolution 2024 Aston Martin F1 Wind Tunnel Revolution 2024


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