F1 McLaren Eyes Successful 2024
F1 McLaren Eyes Successful 2024

McLaren’s Stella Eyes Top Spot in F1 2024 Race


Andrea Stella, the principal of McLaren F1, asserted that the past season showcased their potential to surpass their achieved fourth place. The Italian emphasized that recently, the pieces have been falling into place more frequently, positioning the British racing team as one of the top contenders for championship victory in the coming years.

McLaren has navigated through an extraordinary year: from a dismal start that quickly relegated them to the back of the pack, they managed to reverse their fortunes, ultimately securing fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship.

This upward trajectory has left the team hungry for more, with Stella confident that greater achievements await. However, he’s acutely aware of the evolving competitive landscape, acknowledging that rivals have also made significant strides and will likely aim for substantial progress in the next season.

McLaren Eyes Successful 2024, Yet Rivals Remain on the Move.

In a candid discussion with Speedcafe, the team principal spoke unequivocally about the goals for the upcoming season.

“We aim to perform better. All elements now have the potential to secure a result surpassing fourth place, but it’s going to be another long season. We’ll see where we stand at the year’s outset.” Stella acknowledges that McLaren won’t be the only team rolling out a formidable car in 2024.

“It’s uncertain at this point because we don’t know what the competition is up to. We can’t gauge how much they’ll improve over the winter break, but if we take 2023 as an indicator, particularly post-Austria, we at least know that McLaren scored the most points following Red Bull Racing. It would be fantastic to validate that performance on the track.”

Stella has long been aware that the competition will invariably be lurking, his own experience affirming that the major teams are perennial contenders.

“We’re aware of Mercedes‘ ambition, given their declarations of overhauling their entire car. And Ferrari, undoubtedly, won’t be content with their third-place finish last season.” However, Stella believes this relentless drive for improvement is a quintessential trait of Formula 1.

“The sport is immensely competitive today, as it was when I started back in 2000. Back then, it was Ferrari and McLaren, but there are always a few cars in that mix.” Yet, after several disappointing years, McLaren can once again consider itself among those contenders.

“We now have four teams that, right from the season’s start, possess the credentials to battle for the championship.”

Stella considers the crowded front of the pack to be advantageous.

Stella even anticipates a fifth team joining the fray, noting Aston Martin’s impressive moments in 2023. “We certainly can’t overlook Aston Martin, from a technical standpoint, they’re well-equipped to compete for the championship.” With recent seasons proving fiercely competitive, Stella sees the benefits.

“The front is incredibly crowded, but we’re hopeful to continue our strong performance from 2023. Ultimately, I believe this is positive for the sport, it’s fantastic for fans to enjoy competitive races. I’m hopeful 2024 will bring even more variety, particularly in terms of victories, and I’m eager for McLaren, Lando (Norris) and Oscar (Piastri) to find success in that regard.”

F1 McLaren Eyes Successful 2024. F1 McLaren Eyes Successful 2024


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