Aston Martin F1 Gears Up for Imola Evolution 2024

Aston Martin F1 Gears Up for Imola Evolution: Closing the Gap


Aston Martin F1 is set to introduce crucial updates at Imola, aiming to bridge the gap with the front-runners in an evolving competitive field.

As Formula 1 returns to Europe this weekend, Aston Martin F1 Director Mike Krack evaluates the first quarter of the season that has passed. The Luxembourger also explains that the team is introducing an evolution this weekend, and outlines the team’s goals for the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

We’ve completed 25% of this record-breaking Formula 1 season. What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Aston Martin F1 Gears Up for Imola Evolution 2024

“The first few months have been very intense. In terms of performance, we are where we hoped to be. We’ve closed the gap to the leading pack, but it remains an ultra-competitive race and the field is very tight. At the start of the year, we expected to be in fifth place, and that’s often where we’ve been in race settings.”

“In qualifying, we have often been third, which is positive, and we are working hard on car development to ensure we can capitalize on our strong single-lap performances. I’m proud of how the team, both on the ground and at the AMR technology campus, has handled recent off-track incidents.”

“For those involved in the races, we’ve covered long distances by plane, flying east to west nearly every two weeks, so adjusting to different time zones has been one of the biggest challenges of the early season.”

“The races in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, China, and Miami have been fantastic and have helped us connect with our fans worldwide, and we’ve managed the different time zones well. This also goes for everyone at the factory working in the control center, many of whom have shifted their hours to support our operations on the track during race weekends.”

“Operationally, we’ve been very strong. Our pit stops have consistently been among the fastest, and we haven’t lost a minute of track time due to operational issues. As a team, we’ve done well, and this is due to the hard work and dedication of everyone, both at the Campus and on the circuit.”

The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix marks the start of the European season. Are you looking forward to the upcoming races?

“We are eager to return to Imola. It’s a real test for the drivers and engineers who are trying to optimize the settings. After the terrible floods that prevented us from racing at Imola last year, we are looking forward to returning to this iconic circuit and hope to put on a good show for the fans.”

“The passion of the Italian fans for the sport and for Ferrari is well known, but in recent years, we’ve seen more and more green in the stands when we’ve raced in Italy, and I hope that will be even more the case this year.”

“Imola is steeped in history. We all remember the fierce battles between Fernando and Michael Schumacher in 2005 and 2006. It is also here that we lost Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger in 1994, and 30 years after that tragic day, the F1 community will gather this weekend to remember them and pay tribute.”

Aston Martin F1 Gears Up for Imola Evolution 2024

What else can we expect at Imola this weekend?

“There’s a lot to look forward to. It’s a special race that often delivers a great spectacle. Pirelli is bringing the three softest tires in its range for this weekend, a step softer than the last time we raced here, which adds a new variable and could provide opportunities for bold strategic choices.”

“Scoring points is always our primary goal at each Grand Prix, and at Imola, it will be no different. We have a strong pace in qualifying, so our first task is to ensure that continues, and then we’ll work hard to convert that into a strong race finish.”

“Generally, there aren’t many overtaking opportunities at Imola, so track position will be key—the margins are incredibly tight right now, making qualifying even more important.”

The start of the European season is typically a time for teams to bring updates to their cars. Will this be the case for the AMR24?

“We are bringing an update to Imola as part of our ongoing in-season development program. This should help us improve several areas we’ve identified, but everything is relative—no one stands still in F1—and our competitors will also be introducing new parts.”

“All we can do is focus on ourselves and continue to close the gap to the front. Everyone in the team is working hard, and this weekend’s update is just another example of the tireless efforts and dedication of everyone involved.”

The newest member of your driving team, Jak Crawford, is competing in F2 this weekend. How has he integrated into the team since joining at the start of the year?

“Jak has integrated very well into the team, and it’s fantastic to have him on board. In Miami, he served as the team’s ambassador, participating in various marketing and fan engagement events, but it was also a great opportunity for him to get a taste of the Formula 1 paddock and learn how we approach a race weekend.”

“Jak is a highly talented young driver. We are working with him to accelerate his development, and we are eager to see how he continues to grow and progress both on and off the track. He had a challenging weekend in Australia and is keen to get back into competition at Imola.”

“Track time is crucial at all stages of a driver’s career, but it’s especially important for young drivers—nothing can replace the experience behind the wheel. Jak is aiming for a strong weekend and a good haul of points. We are looking forward to seeing how he performs.”

Aston Martin F1 Gears Up for Imola Evolution 2024

Aston Martin F1 Gears Up for Imola Evolution: Closing the Gap. Aston Martin F1 Gears Up for Imola Evolution: Closing the Gap

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