McLaren F1 Eyes Major Gains at Imola with New Upgrades

McLaren F1 Eyes Major Gains at Imola with New Upgrades


McLaren F1 gears up for the Imola race, anticipating significant improvements from their latest upgrades.

McLaren F1 is hoping to introduce further upgrades that could have the same impact as those brought to Miami, where Lando Norris claimed victory.

The team’s engineer, Will Joseph, anticipates that the improvements will be even more significant at Imola, and he discusses how this motivates the entire team to work on additional upgrades.

“The upgrade we brought was huge in scale, it’s an extraordinary effort from everyone at McLaren to bring all these improvements, but it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t fit each piece on both cars. Each car had a significant number of upgrades,” stated Joseph.

Oscar will receive the second part of this package when we arrive at Imola. This evolution favors some of Imola’s characteristics more than Miami’s, so everyone is very, very excited about what it can bring for the future.”

“If you look at what happened in Austria last year, we applied the update and we performed well, we had good performances and, at that time, we thought it might depend on the circuit.”

“Then, when the car starts to perform well and is competitive in the following races, you start to gain confidence, you understand better how to exploit it. So, everyone is very excited.”

“We are working on the next series of improvements, looking to the future and asking a lot from the team. They have given a lot to bring these pieces here and now we are wondering if we can do it again.”

“I think the victory in Miami helps justify these decisions. And people are there, they are enthusiastic, they work hard, they are ambitious, they are pushing hard now to see the next step.”

And the engineer to confirm that Imola could be more advantageous for McLaren: “It’s less about the specifics of Imola. Maybe I should rephrase and say that the specifics of Miami meant that the evolution was potentially less powerful than what we are going to see at Imola.”

“Miami has a lot of very, very low-speed turns, and the evolution should perform better in medium and high-speed turns. Therefore, when we get to Imola, which is more focused on this type of turn, we hope to derive even more benefits.”

McLaren F1 Eyes Major Gains at Imola with New Upgrades

McLaren F1 Eyes Major Gains at Imola with New Upgrades. McLaren F1 Eyes Major Gains at Imola with New Upgrades

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