Alonso Investigated After Russell's Dramatic Crash

Alonso Investigated After Russell’s Dramatic Crash


Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso faces scrutiny following a contentious incident with George Russell, marking a dramatic Australian GP finish.

Aston Martin F1 driver Fernando Alonso is under investigation for an incident that led to an unusual finish of the Australian Grand Prix.

George Russell’s late crash, which saw his Mercedes F1 end up on its side, resulted in the race concluding under virtual safety car conditions, with Russell’s car in the middle of the track.

The British driver was attempting to overtake Alonso for sixth place, and the Spaniard is now being investigated for allegedly testing the Briton under braking.

Upon being informed of the investigation, Alonso responded immediately after the race, denying any intentional braking to trap Russell.

“Obviously, I was focusing ahead and not behind me.”

“I had some issues in the last 15 laps or so with the battery, with energy deployment, so I definitely struggled a bit towards the end of the race, but I can’t focus on the car behind.”

“But he’s alright, apparently. I saw the car and was very worried. But there was nothing intentional on my part.”

Alonso Investigated After Russell’s Dramatic Crash. Alonso Investigated After Russell’s Dramatic Crash


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