Adrian Newey's Move Stirs Excitement in F1 Paddock

Adrian Newey’s Move Stirs Excitement in F1 Paddock


As Adrian Newey plans his move from Milton Keynes to potentially Ferrari, the F1 paddock buzzes with anticipation and respect from peers.

It’s not just the drivers who are on the move: after Lewis Hamilton’s departure to Ferrari, Adrian Newey’s move is the second blockbuster transfer of the year.

After 13 championship titles at Milton Keynes, Newey will pack his bags at the beginning of 2025. Rumors suggest he is headed to Ferrari to join Lewis Hamilton.

Several paddock drivers have shared their thoughts on the role and future of F1’s most famous engineer.

Alexander Albon, for example, worked with Newey from 2019 to 2020, when he was Max Verstappen’s teammate. What does he remember about Newey?

Adrian Newey's Move Stirs Excitement in F1 Paddock

“He’s a very kind person, I think everyone who knows him would say that; he’s very humble, very open-minded, I got along very well with him.”

“I think it will be interesting to see what he does next. I’m sure all the teams are chasing after him trying to catch him.”

“But whatever his choice, whether it’s retirement or racing, I wish him the best, and obviously, our doors [at Williams] are always open too.”

Daniel Ricciardo also worked with Newey, from 2014 to 2018 at Red Bull. The Australian acknowledges the engineer’s unique status… and the allure he brings to a team.

Adrian Newey's Move Stirs Excitement in F1 Paddock

“Adrian has been with Red Bull for so long. It’s very rare for something to last forever.”

“Obviously, we don’t really know where he’s going or what he’s going to do. But his time at Red Bull was extraordinary. It was a privilege to work with him, a privilege to drive several of his race cars.”

“Even my father, when I signed with Red Bull, told me: Oh, you’re going to work with Adrian, that was exciting for him too – so yeah, it’s cool.”

“We’ll see what he does, but I wish him good luck and we’ll see where he lands.”

Newey’s famous drafting board…

Another former Red Bull driver, Pierre Gasly, distinctly remembers Newey’s famous drafting board – an “old-school” way of working, but one that has proven its effectiveness.

Adrian Newey's Move Stirs Excitement in F1 Paddock

“A unique genius – extremely talented!”

“The most successful engineer in the history of our sport, a very particular approach – I still remember going to Milton Keynes and seeing him draw all sorts of things on that drafting board, and I thought: Is this how F1 cars are designed these days?”

“It’s simply impressive, and it’s probably my best memory at Red Bull, working with such a special person.”

Daniel Ricciardo also remembers that drafting board…

“Entering his office is a bit intimidating because there’s a large drafting board.”

“I think to myself: he’s probably going to ask me about things I have no idea about. And I hope he doesn’t ask too many questions, let’s keep it fairly basic, for my own sake.”

Adrian Newey’s Move Stirs Excitement in F1 Paddock. Adrian Newey’s Move Stirs Excitement in F1 Paddock

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