Ferrari Targets Podium in Miami with Sprint Strategy

Ferrari Targets Podium in Miami with Sprint Strategy


In Miami, Ferrari’s strategic preparation for the Sprint event signals a strong podium bid, boosting Leclerc and Sainz’s optimism.

Charles Leclerc arrived at the Miami paddock dressed in the team’s special Azzuro La Plata colored attire, introduced by Ferrari for this special livery weekend.

The Monegasque expressed great pride in wearing these colors, which had not been seen on a Ferrari or any of its drivers for a long time.

“It’s one of my favorite colors, so I’m very happy to wear it. Of course, when you pass a mirror and see yourself in blue, you think for a moment that you’ve made a mistake in dressing!”

“From time to time, you can change, even though a Ferrari can only be red. As you see, the red remains on the SF-24, though we’ve added a bit of light blue here and there, and also the blue of the HP logo, our new title partner. This blue will stay; we have to get used to it, but it’s very important for the team.”

The focus is now on the sport! With another Sprint format weekend ahead, Leclerc is well aware of the importance of making the most of the single free practice session, which starts tomorrow at 6:30 PM.

“We believe we’ve learned some things from China in terms of preparing for a qualifying lap and also about work procedures for a Sprint. With this format, it’s crucial to get everything in order right away to avoid starting at a disadvantage. We’ve done a lot of preparation, and I’m eager to hit the track to see the results of the work we did last week at the factory.”

Carlos Sainz also embraced his new colors for the weekend.

“Ferrari has a great tradition, and it’s nice to revisit part of its history as we’re doing this weekend.”

One of the goals Sainz has set for Sunday is to get back on the podium.

“The goal is to do better than in China, where we finished outside the top three. I think the characteristics of this track might suit our car better, although we have to consider that nearly all our competitors have brought upgrades for their cars here, and we have not done so yet. But I remain cautiously optimistic, even though we won’t know more until after the single free practice session.”

Sainz also explained how much he likes Miami.

“I think this city is very special; there are a lot of people who speak my language, and even though we are in North America, life has a pleasant Latin side to it. I really enjoy walking around Miami Beach and downtown, and I think it’s one of the best places to eat in the United States, which is another reason why I am always very happy to come race here.”

Ferrari Targets Podium in Miami with Sprint Strategy

Ferrari Targets Podium in Miami with Sprint Strategy. Ferrari Targets Podium in Miami with Sprint Strategy

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