Andretti Global's F2 F3 Entry Plans Rejected

Andretti Global’s F2, F3 Entry Plans Rejected


F2 and F3 leadership have denied Andretti Global’s entry bids, citing logistical challenges and driver recruitment issues.

The CEO of F2 and F3, Bruno Michel, has also slammed the door on Andretti Global, which recently announced its intention to join the two categories leading to F1, to establish an academy for young drivers.

“For Formula 3, I think it’s completely out of the question to increase the number of cars,” Michel stated. “Thirty cars is already a lot and it’s a very good number. The teams must be able to find the drivers, which is not always easy.”

“For 30 drivers, even if all categories below flood into Formula 3, whether it’s Formula 4 or Regional Formula, it’s still not an easy number to reach. On the track, we also know that at some point, having too many cars is not very good for racing, and also for having a consistent grid.”

The Frenchman also closes the door for F2, as he fears that a grid of 26 cars would not be consistent with the number of drivers who have the level to participate, especially with the budgets, as costs in the anteroom of F1 have skyrocketed in recent years.

“We were 26 cars in GP2, then we went down to 20 and now we’re back up to 22. I’m quite satisfied with the current numbers, for several reasons. First, it has to be viable for the teams and it’s not easy to find 22 drivers with adequate budgets. That’s the first thing.”

“Then, we also have to consider the number of available spots in Formula 1 and there shouldn’t be too many drivers in Formula 2 because in the end, some drivers might not want to move up and it could be a bit too difficult. So, at this point, I am not very inclined to increase the number of teams.”

Other ways to access the championships

Bruno Michel assures that there are other levers for Andretti Global to enter F2 and F3. As suggested by Liberty Media to the American team for Formula 1, the Frenchman particularly proposes an alliance with existing teams.

“They can try to strike a deal with an existing team, or they can apply, and if they apply, it is always possible that a team might not continue or a team might not have done a good job, and in that case, they would have a chance to enter.”

He explains that he has not been in contact with Andretti so far and has only seen statements in the media: “I have read a few articles about Andretti saying exactly the same thing, that they want to join F2 and F3, but we have not yet been in contact. It is likely that this will happen.”

“I understand that Andretti is also linking these possible programs to a Formula 1 program, which is not yet decided at this time. Now, if Andretti wants to join F2 and F3, they must go through the same process as everyone else, because that’s how it works.”

“We have a selection process every three years in both categories. The one for F2 took place last year, at the end of 2023, and the next will therefore be in three years. For F3, the selection process will take place this year.”

“If they want to join the championship, they will of course have to go through the selection process. I don’t know how this fits into their strategy, because they are also discussing the possibility of F1 at the same time. For me, so it’s something that’s up in the air, it’s not really concrete at the moment.”

Andretti Global's F2 F3 Entry Plans Rejected

Andretti Global’s F2, F3 Entry Plans Rejected. Andretti Global’s F2, F3 Entry Plans Rejected

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