Yuki Tsunoda Flourishes as Marko Praises Turnaround

Yuki Tsunoda Flourishes as Marko Praises Turnaround


After past criticisms, Yuki Tsunoda’s performance has soared, earning Dr. Helmut Marko’s commendation and showcasing significant growth as a Red Bull driver.

After criticizing Yuki Tsunoda in the past for his swearing and pointless remarks, Dr. Helmut Marko now states that the Japanese hopeful of Red Bull has finally “flourished” as a driver.

Joining the F1 grid in 2021 with Red Bull’s junior team, Tsunoda leveraged his connections with Honda to open and keep that door open despite numerous doubts about him.

And this year, Tsunoda is outperforming Daniel Ricciardo early in the season. Tsunoda leads their qualifying battle 4-0, having placed his VCARB 01 in Q3 three times. He also scored all 7 points for RB F1.

“In four races Yuki has brought the car into Q3 three times. He’s consistent and mistakes are a thing of the past,” Marko praised after the Japanese GP.

“His lack of control on the radio has also gone. He’s really flourished.”

“But we’re in April and there are still many races to go. We will review the driver situation when the summer break comes.”

“We want to monitor this closely and make the right decision. It will certainly take until summer to know what to do.”

“It would be unusual if we did this in April. We won’t be pressured. We will closely monitor everything and then make a decision later, probably during the summer period.”

Indeed, if Red Bull decides not to promote Tsunoda next season, he could be in contention for a seat at Aston Martin F1, with the Silverstone team partnering with Honda in 2026.

RB F1, however, may want to keep him for a fifth season, although CEO Peter Bayer acknowledges he’s become “interesting” for other teams.

“He’s been on a constant upward trend for six months. He’s incredibly focused and has made physical progress. He’s strong and persevering and has also made a mental leap.”

“He’s gone from teenager to adult. He’s switched to warrior mode and it’s a pleasure to watch him drive.”

“But yes, for his future… He becomes interesting for other teams and Red Bull is also closely watching what will happen next with him.”

Regarding Daniel Ricciardo, who retired on the first lap at Suzuka, Bayer said: “the initial analysis is that it was a racing incident. It was very unlikely for someone to come up behind him on the right in that turn on the first lap.”

“It’s a pity for him because he put in a strong performance this weekend.”

Yuki Tsunoda Flourishes as Marko Praises Turnaround

Yuki Tsunoda Flourishes as Marko Praises Turnaround. Yuki Tsunoda Flourishes as Marko Praises Turnaround

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