Stake F1 Conquers Pit Stop Woes

Bottas’s Solid Race Sparks Hope for Stake F1’s Upturn


Stake F1 has finally overcome its early-season nemesis: tire changes. After three races plagued by issues, the team experienced none, and its representative, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, expresses satisfaction, albeit acknowledging that performance should have been better in Japan.

“After three races where we were hampered by pit stop issues, we see positive developments with four trouble-free stops at Suzuka. For now, our focus isn’t on maximizing speed, but on ensuring consistency and reliability in our stops, which we achieved,” Alunni Bravi enthuses.

“We had to retire Zhou’s car due to a transmission problem, currently under investigation by the team; it’s unfortunate because he had a strong start and initial laps, and although he wasn’t in the points battle at that moment, his good pace could have been advantageous for our strategy’s overall outcome.”

He laments Valtteri Bottas’s failure to score points despite a strong race: “Valtteri delivered a really solid race, with two good starts and a real chance at points: he was ahead of Tsunoda before the second stop, and Yuki then scored a point.”

“Of course, we are aware of our current limitations and knew we would rejoin the race behind him, but we can take comfort in our race pace matching, if not bettering, his, even though ultimately Valtteri got stuck behind Magnussen for the rest of the race and couldn’t overtake on the straights.”

“Improved performance with each development”

Alunni Bravi sees the C44’s pace as a positive sign for the remainder of the season: “As a team, we need to analyze all the data from this weekend: we observe improved performance with every development from Hinwil, and we know we are moving in the right direction.”

“The development is progressing well, and the upgrades are effective, our pit stops are improving: we know that to score points this year, we need to get everything right, and no detail can be overlooked in terms of execution, performance, and reliability, so we continue to work hard.”

“We now focus on two days of testing with Pirelli before returning stronger at Shanghai. Keeping faith is key: we are getting closer to the top 10 with each race, and we see that our pace can match that of our direct competitors.”

Stake F1 Conquers Pit Stop Woes

Stake F1 Conquers Pit Stop Woes. Stake F1 Conquers Pit Stop Woes

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