Isack Hadjar Young Quartet Shine in Silverstone's First Practice

Rising Stars Impress in Opening Silverstone Session


Four promising young drivers excelled during their first practice at Silverstone, setting the stage for an exciting weekend.

Isack Hadjar took the helm of a Formula 1 car for the third time in his career this Friday at Silverstone, stepping into Sergio Pérez’s Red Bull RB20 for the British Grand Prix’s first free practice session. This provided an opportunity for him to assist his team with foundational work, as well as to reacquaint himself with and re-familiarise with the F1 environment.

“It started with an aerodynamic test; I was instructed not to push or hit the kerbs, and later moved to fresh medium tyres,” Hadjar reported to Canal+. “I managed one lap, ideally, we should have done two cooling laps; I had to go again with hot tyres, which was less effective, but I managed to improve.”

“It felt like the first time; Abu Dhabi and Mexico were a long time ago, and we seldom drive in EL1, so it was somewhat forgotten. It surprised me, and it felt like a new experience. It was very impressive, once again.”

His session ended with a near-miss involving Lando Norris, who almost collided with him at full speed going from Maggots to Chapel: “Visibility is low coming out of the first corner, and I wasn’t warned over the radio. I moved aside at the last moment, and he reacted well, so it was fine.”

Jack Doohan Young Quartet Shine in Silverstone's First Practice

Jack Doohan stepped in for Pierre Gasly at Alpine F1. The Australian had previously taken on this role in Canada, but due to rain, he managed no more than an installation lap. This time, he drove in dry conditions and played an active role in the team’s weekend preparations.

“I’m glad to have been back behind the wheel today, driving more than in Canada, where my role was curtailed by the rain. Arriving at the circuit this morning, I wondered if we would have a repeat, but fortunately, the skies cleared and the rain stayed away!”

“It was cool, conditions were a bit greasy, we nearly completed the entire plan. We didn’t wrap it up completely, but I was happy to get on the track,” Doohan added.

“I hadn’t driven at all in Canada, so it’s good to be able to drive today, especially in the dry. We managed to complete most of our programme. I think it went well; we tried things on both cars, and that should help us for the rest of the weekend.”

“It’s good, it gives me feedback in the car, and a good feeling that I hope to utilise in the simulator to assist the team in the upcoming European races. But it was really fun.”

Franco Colapinto Young Quartet Shine in Silverstone's First Practice

Franco Colapinto was engaged at Williams F1. The Argentine enjoyed the experience and acquitted himself well in his debut.

“It was incredible. My first EL1, a truly remarkable moment for me, I loved every lap, every turn, and that’s what I’m proudest of. Your first EL1 only happens once in your life. I think I did as well as I could, to be honest.”

“I think there was a lot of time to be gained, and I couldn’t maximise some turns. I improved on long runs, but it’s challenging with worn tyres. I’m thrilled with the opportunity Williams has given me and the support they’ve shown; I’m very proud of what we’ve done. I want to be here in a few years, and this is the way to do it.”

Ollie Bearman Young Quartet Shine in Silverstone's First Practice

Finally, Ollie Bearman, now a regular in these sessions, executed the planned programme at Haas F1. He will be back in the VF-24 at the Hungaroring.

“It was a good session back in the car, especially during my home race, and it’s one of my favourite circuits. There are many positives to take from today, and we installed a new package on our car, so we could assess it and give a preliminary read to the guys. I’m pleased that the session went well, and I wish the team good luck for this weekend.”

Young Quartet Shine in Silverstone’s First Practice. Young Quartet Shine in Silverstone’s First Practice

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