Wolff Holds No Grudge Against Vasseur for Snatching Hamilton

Wolff Holds No Grudge Against Vasseur for Snatching Hamilton


In F1, the camaraderie between Ferrari’s Vasseur and Mercedes’ Wolff stands out, transcending rivalry. Their policy alignment contrasts with past dynamics, yet competition reignites their professional zeal, unaffected by the high-profile transfer of Lewis Hamilton.

It’s well known that Fred Vasseur, Ferrari’s F1 team principal, and Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes F1, get along extremely well in the paddock.

The two often engage in discussions and are more aligned in terms of sports policy than Mattia Binotto was with the Austrian.

However, their friendly relationship naturally pauses when competition resumes, both on and off the track. So, when asked if Wolff holds any grudge against Vasseur for “snatching” Lewis Hamilton for 2025, his response is equally sporting.

“I have a lot of respect for Fred, not just as a manager but also as a friend. When he joined Ferrari, his mission was clear: to make the best decisions for Ferrari, and thus seize all opportunities.”

“I bear no ill will towards Fred regarding Lewis’s signing. It’s his job to try to have the best employees, the best drivers. He snatched Lewis, engineers from us, but the reverse is also true. We’ve taken many good engineers from Ferrari in recent years.”

“All of this has no impact on our relationship,” he assures. “It’s like in rugby, we hit each other on the field but once the game is over, everything goes back to before.”

“I have no doubt that Fred will have a good relationship with Lewis as his boss. They’ve known each other for over 20 years.”

Wolff Holds No Grudge Against Vasseur for Snatching Hamilton. Wolff Holds No Grudge Against Vasseur for Snatching Hamilton

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