Wolff Hamilton Mercedes Secrets

Wolff Sure Hamilton Won’t Leak Mercedes Secrets


Toto Wolff trusts Lewis Hamilton to keep Mercedes’ secrets from Ferrari, despite his unexpected move.

Toto Wolff is convinced that Lewis Hamilton will not share a plethora of secret insights on Mercedes F1’s success foundations with Ferrari next year.

The Mercedes boss and co-owner acknowledges being caught off-guard by the seven-time world champion’s decision to activate an end-of-season exit clause – but only to an extent.

“In life, I’m always prepared for shocking news. My initial reaction was: ‘what?’. However, we quickly moved on to discuss pragmatically, especially regarding communication since we didn’t have much time.”

“Then, for 2024, our goal remains the same: to have a competitive car, win races, and contend for the championship, so we’re not focusing on Ferrari at the moment.”

However, contrary to speculation, Wolff states that his main concern isn’t the potential for team discord during the season or Hamilton taking key engineering and technical secrets to Maranello.

“Let’s not be mistaken. Of course, there might be some dynamics when a driver switches teams, particularly if things aren’t going well.”

“But both drivers always have equal opportunities. We need two high-performing drivers.”

“Moreover, I believe drivers have less influence on development than any engineer. And staff movements from Ferrari or Red Bull are commonplace. That’s where the attention should be.”

“Apart from a few minor details, Lewis won’t bring many secrets to Ferrari.”

Wolff Hamilton Mercedes Secrets. Wolff Hamilton Mercedes Secrets


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