Wolff Counters Red Bull CEO Willingly Waits for Verstappen

Wolff Counters Red Bull CEO, Willingly Waits for Verstappen


Toto Wolff exprime sa volonté d’attendre la décision de Max Verstappen, au milieu d’un vif échange avec le PDG de Red Bull.

Toto Wolff has targeted one of the three CEOs of the Red Bull empire, criticizing remarks made in Miami by Oliver Mintzlaff (pictured here with Newey), the CEO responsible for sports.

Wolff did not hide his attempt to woo Max Verstappen to Mercedes amid the ongoing power struggle at Red Bull, earning him a rebuke from Mintzlaff during the businessman’s rare visit to the F1 paddock. Mintzlaff told him to mind his own business (read here).

Wolff sharply retorted.

“I have no idea what this guy means by his statements. That’s why it’s pointless to comment.”

Mintzlaff also stated he was “1000%” confident that Verstappen would remain a Red Bull driver next year.

“A thousand percent? In life, nothing is more than one hundred percent.”

“What he says has nothing to do with me. Maybe he just wants to be on TV because nobody knows who he is.”

Wolff Aligns with Marko on Red Bull Issues

Interestingly, while Wolff spars with Mintzlaff, he suggests that he is actually aligned with Red Bull’s F1 consultant, Dr. Helmut Marko, regarding the power struggle and the Christian Horner affair.

“We are both Austrians and we stick together, even though there are sometimes strong differences of opinion,” Wolff explains after being seen in conversation with Marko in Miami.

“Let me just say that we have a common and very strong opinion on several things that have happened in recent months. We just exchanged ideas about it.”

Wolff was also seen discussing with Adrian Newey, who is leaving Red Bull.

When asked if he could reveal what they talked about, he smiled: “No. He’s a great guy. His track record in Formula 1 is incredible.”

A Clear Stance: Toto is Ready to Wait for Verstappen

Regarding Verstappen, Wolff admits that his deliberations about his missing driver for 2025 are currently on hold as “we are waiting to see what Max will do.”

“But of course, we are also keeping an eye on other drivers. Carlos (Sainz) is also very fast. We are a bit in observation mode. But it’s not my decision. It’s Max’s.”

And when does he hope a decision will be made?

“These things aren’t planned for a few days, but probably weeks or months. It doesn’t just depend on us.”

“There are always plenty of names. I can’t really talk about the second driver. I think we’ve discussed the possibilities.”

“I want to be fair to these guys and not give the impression that we are playing chess. Because we are not doing that. Thus my position is clear in saying that we are waiting to see what Max will do.”

Wolff Counters Red Bull CEO, Willingly Waits for Verstappen

Wolff Counters Red Bull CEO, Willingly Waits for Verstappen. Wolff Counters Red Bull CEO, Willingly Waits for Verstappen

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