Red Bull Chief Advises Wolff

Red Bull Chief Advises Wolff: ‘Tend to Your Own Matters’


Oliver Mintzlaff, CEO of Red Bull, has sternly advised Toto Wolff to focus on his own team’s challenges.

Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff has dismissed claims that Max Verstappen might leave the Milton Keynes-based team for Mercedes F1 and has warned Toto Wolff to “focus on his own problems.”

The future of the reigning world champion has been a hot topic recently, with Wolff targeting the Dutch driver due to internal power struggles at Red Bull.

With an investigation reopened into Christian Horner, the departure of Adrian Newey, harsh words from Jos Verstappen towards his son’s team, Wolff is still eyeing the chance to lure Verstappen by promising a much better project for 2026.

Mintzlaff remains confident that Verstappen will stay with Red Bull.

“I understand the pressure Toto Wolff and perhaps other teams are under after years of falling behind.”

“But I think Wolff should focus on his own problems. He has plenty. And it’s also a matter of respect when you keep talking this way about other teams’ staff. It’s not appropriate.”

Mintzlaff sees no legitimate reason why Verstappen would want to leave the leading F1 team, which remains more dominant than ever.

“No, I don’t see any,” commented Mintzlaff when asked about the reasons why Verstappen might consider leaving Red Bull.

“As I’ve said before, Max wants the fastest car and we have it. Max wants to be world champion and with us, he has the best chance. Max is a loyal guy.”

“He knows that Christian [Horner] and Helmut [Marko] have always trusted him. He values that. Moreover, Red Bull is simply a great brand with which he can perfectly identify. So, there are many reasons for him to stay.”

Is he not worried that the ongoing power struggles at Red Bull could drive Verstappen away? Without confirming them in his answer—even though he mentions things that need to settle down—Mintzlaff remains calm.

“Max still has a long-term contract here and hasn’t said a word about not wanting to fulfill it.”

“I’m not worried at all about him considering moving. Things just need to calm down again now. That’s what Max wants—and it’s what we want too.”

“You also need this if you want to succeed in the long term in sports, whether it’s football, which I know well, or Formula 1.”

Red Bull Chief Advises Wolff: ‘Tend to Your Own Matters’. Red Bull Chief Advises Wolff: ‘Tend to Your Own Matters’

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