Williams Racing reveals the FW46 as their 2024 season challenger

Williams Racing reveals the FW46 as their 2024 season challenger


After McLaren and Haas, Williams F1 has become the third team to reveal its colors for the 2024 Formula 1 season. The team unveiled the livery of its FW46 in New York, at an event organized with its partner Puma.

The cars of Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant will obviously feature the Williams blue, in a shade similar to previous years. The “diamond” visual from other years evolves slightly, and black occupies more space.

While the car dispatched to New York is the FW45 from 2023, it appears the studio photos still showcase the old single-seater. Teams now do this because, with the increasingly short off-season, the single-seaters are ready just before the tests.

However, the drivers’ suits will be new, featuring white with some hints of blue and black. The new single-seater, the FW46, will likely be revealed during the tests.

Williams FW46 2024
Williams FW46 2024

Williams has not yet finished the FW46

The drivers’ suits, however, will be new, featuring white with hints of blue and black. A shakedown scheduled for February 20th, the day before testing, will reveal the new single-seater, the FW46, which is still in production.

“Unveiling the 2024 livery in an iconic New York City location is a significant milestone. The FW46 has been at the forefront of the team’s focus for many months, and everyone at Grove is still making tremendous efforts to finish our car for this year,” stated James Vowles, the director.

“As we aim to continue the momentum from last season, we have a driver duo in Alex and Logan who are capable of consistently fighting for points while contributing to our development for the future.”

“Since joining Williams Racing a year ago, I’ve witnessed the team come together to overcome a number of challenges and finish in seventh place in the constructors’ championship, which meant a lot to everyone involved.”

“We’ve also shown the world that we are laying the foundations to move forward. We will continue to strengthen the team on and off the track, improving our infrastructure, investing in our people, and attracting new fantastic partners like Komatsu.”

“Of course, there’s still a long way to go together, but I know that our fans, our partners, and everyone at Grove headquarters are working hard to create a new story for this iconic team.”

“It will take time, but the support of everyone is essential to lead us to success in the coming years. I’m looking forward to seeing what this season holds.”

The drivers thank the team at the factory

Alex Albon is pleased to start his third season with the team: “After a very positive year, we hope to continue our progress in 2024, working hard to make significant steps forward in terms of performance.”

“We’ve asked a lot of the team and the factory to get this car where it needs to be, and we’ve also slightly changed the car’s philosophy, so I’m interested to see if we can improve some of the characteristics it has historically had. This will require an adjustment in driving style, but I’m confident it will be a change for the better.”

Logan Sargeant has also made progress by learning from his debut in 2023: “After unveiling this fantastic livery, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the FW46 and continue to develop as a driver.”

“I’ve had a productive offseason, which has allowed me to prepare physically and mentally for the upcoming year. By taking the time to reflect on my rookie season, I’ve learned many lessons and gained experience that can only benefit me at the start of this new season.”

“I know my goals for this year. I’ll be looking to continue the progress I’ve made since joining the Williams family. I intend to contribute more to the team’s success.”

“Everyone at Grove has worked tirelessly to deliver the FW46 during the winter break. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and the support they’ve given me. I hope we can achieve great results together in 2024.”

Williams FW46 f1 2024 Williams FW46 f1 2024. F1 Williams FW46 2024

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