Williams FW45 Evolution Progress Amidst New Flaws

Williams’ FW45 Evolution: Progress Amidst New Flaws


Alexander Albon reveals Williams’ latest car overcomes past issues while facing new challenges. His insights after Bahrain’s test day offer a mixed outlook.

Stepping back to leap forward? According to Alexander Albon, the new Williams has indeed eliminated many of the structural weaknesses of last year’s FW45… but it has also introduced new flaws.

After his 40 laps yesterday in Bahrain, cut short by reliability issues, Alexander Albon readily admitted: old problems have vanished, new ones have emerged on this Williams…

“We haven’t completed many laps, but the overall feeling is positive.”

“Last year, we spent a lot of our work time focusing on this year’s car, trying to eliminate some of the issues we faced throughout last year.”

“However, it seems that certain turns, on this circuit, really highlight our problems.”

“It’s good to know we’ve addressed a large part of last year’s issues. But there are new things we need to fix. So, it’s part of the learning curve. But so far, so good.”

Onboard camera footage has indeed highlighted balance issues, particularly at turns 9 and 10 (downhill), turns known for exposing chassis faults.

“What’s clear is that it will take time to get there,” admitted Alexander Albon.

“In terms of driving or adjustments, it’s a totally different car to understand.”

“I don’t think we’re going to start sprinting, but we can start at a trot and hopefully have some good races, quickly getting into the points.”

Is Albon already looking elsewhere?

Given this mixed disappointment, one might imagine that Alexander Albon is increasingly tempted to look for a seat elsewhere… perhaps with Mercedes.

But he denied having (already) his mind elsewhere.

“No, it’s not a distraction. That’s why people have managers. To keep all that noise away.”

“In the end, no matter the sport you engage in, performance is what matters. Although there’s much talk about what everyone is doing and where everyone is going, it’s your current performance that counts.”

“All the conversations and positive buzz are a result of this. Thus, you must ignore them and focus on the work you’re doing, hoping that your manager is competent.”

Williams’ FW45 Evolution: Progress Amidst New Flaws. Williams’ FW45 Evolution: Progress Amidst New Flaws


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