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Williams F1 Overcomes Hurdles, Car Now Race-Ready


Overcoming discovered issues, Williams F1 refined their car’s settings, enhancing performance through data analysis.

Williams F1 experienced the most slowdown due to technical issues during winter testing, resulting in the least amount of track time. However, Alex Albon is pleased with the progress made and looks forward to continuing the work during the Bahrain race weekend.

“We haven’t had the easiest of tests, but we’ve made progress throughout. There’s still work to be done to maximize the car we have,” Albon stated.

“These days between testing and the race have been dedicated to understanding the car and particularly the areas we need to work on. We’re going into the first practice session with new ideas and try to maximize the weekend as much as possible.”

Logan Sargeant is eager to confirm the positive direction seen during testing: “Since testing, I’ve been looking forward to getting back in the FW46 and finally racing for the first time this season.”

“Of course, everyone would have liked more testing days, but as a team, we’ve maximized the three days as best we could, moving in the right direction.”

“We’re looking to build on what we learned during testing and get the car into a good window before qualifying. We hope to start the season with a positive weekend for the team.”

“Tyre management will be crucial.”

Dave Robson, Williams’ performance director, outlines the work done since testing: “After having three days to work on the FW46 last week, we now return to Bahrain for the season’s first race. Pre-season testing was not the easiest.”

“However, we were able to address the issues we had found, and by the last day, the car was performing well. We’ve spent the last few days analyzing this data, understanding the correlation with the simulations, and evolving the car’s settings to maximize its performance.”

“Both drivers had significant track time during testing and managed both long and short stints. They have both significantly improved their understanding of the FW46 and, although there’s still much to do, they are in a good position to refine their settings and get the most out of the car.”

“The first free practice session will be relatively hot and unrepresentative of the qualifying and race conditions. Therefore, we’ll look to conduct slightly different tests during FP1 and return to the setup we used during testing for the cooler conditions of FP2.”

“The tyres used for this race are the hardest Pirelli offers, and they will be well suited to Sakhir’s abrasive track surface. As always, tyre management will be crucial in the race, and it’s something we’ll refine over the weekend.”

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