Verstappen's Reign A Golden Era with Limits

Verstappen’s Reign: A Golden Era with Limits


Christian Horner highlights Max Verstappen’s superb form and reminds that it might not last forever.

Christian Horner is impressed by Max Verstappen’s flawless domination since last year. The Red Bull driver has dominated the 2023 season and this year, in five races, he has achieved five pole positions and won four races.

“He has been like a metronome. The pace he showed last year, he has continued. And I believe that since the last Chinese Grand Prix, he has won 50% of all races. He has won 21 of the last 23 races. He is in fantastic form. He is at one with the car, with the team, and he loves racing,” said Horner.

But Horner reminds that Verstappen will not dominate forever: “I think it’s important to appreciate the success. Max has a particular talent. It’s a golden period for him and, as we’ve seen with all drivers, it doesn’t last forever.”

“I think it’s about enjoying the moment, being in the moment. And there’s no guarantee that we can give him a car like this every year for the next five years. So it’s about doing what we can, while we can.”

Red Bull’s advantage seemed greater in China, but Horner thinks his rivals can quickly come back: “I think it’s probably track-specific, as we might go to the next race and it’s back to being an accordion. And it will probably be the case.”

“We haven’t yet raced in very hot temperatures. So there are still a lot of variables. But on the various circuits we have had, the RB20 is up to par and the drivers, particularly Max, are doing a remarkable job.”

Verstappen's Reign A Golden Era with Limits

Verstappen’s Reign: A Golden Era with Limits. Verstappen’s Reign: A Golden Era with Limits

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