Verstappen's Dominance Threatens F1 Excitement

Norris Warns: Verstappen’s Domination May Hurt F1


Lando Norris suggests the constant domination of Max Verstappen may lead to a decline in Formula 1 viewer interest.

Lando Norris fears that Formula 1 fans might increasingly turn away from the sport if Max Verstappen and Red Bull continue to dominate.

With Red Bull consistently leading the pack and Verstappen flawlessly showcasing his skills, Norris worries that fans might lose interest in F1.

“It’s frustrating for people watching, but it’s always been that way in F1,” said the McLaren driver.

“Now, we see more domination than ever, so it will never be the best sport to watch for suspense about the winner. However, the action behind is huge!”

“The only exciting races are those in which Max has a problem. Of course, this will deter fans – there’s no way it won’t.”

“If you see the same driver winning every time without a fight, then of course it starts to become boring and it’s obvious. You have one of the best Formula 1 drivers, in one of the most dominant cars, and it’s a deadly combination. If Max wasn’t there and you had two Perez, it wouldn’t be the same.”

“Am I surprised by Red Bull’s lead? No. When you know how hard it is to get things right, then it makes sense. They are just smart people.”

When asked how F1 could make the fight at the front more interesting, Norris had no solution to offer.

“Red Bull is just doing a better job and I don’t know how much you can limit that. It’s also what makes Formula 1 so special, so cool, and unique because everyone does their own thing.”

“If everyone had the same car, you’d lose half the fans and you’d lose the uniqueness of Formula 1, which is that everyone has their own ideas. It’s so complicated so maybe we need to make it simpler by opening or closing the regulations. Either could work, I guess.”

Verstappen's Dominance Threatens F1 Excitement

Verstappen’s Dominance Threatens F1 Excitement. Verstappen’s Dominance Threatens F1 Excitement

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