Verstappen's Melbourne Exit Mechanic Error Suspected

Verstappen’s Melbourne Exit: Mechanic Error Suspected


In Melbourne, a mechanic’s mistake possibly caused Max Verstappen’s withdrawal, following a detailed brake check.

Following an examination of brake replacement procedures, it appears a minor mistake by a mechanic occurred, potentially something as simple as a poorly tightened fixture on the right rear brake caliper.

Initial speculation pointed towards Brembo, the brake supplier for both Red Bull and Ferrari, after Charles Leclerc also experienced slightly sticky brake issues during the Bahrain race, a problem that eventually resolved itself.

However, the Italian manufacturer quickly dismissed any wrongdoing on its part.

“After investigating with each team, the issues faced by Leclerc and Verstappen were not due to any Brembo component anomalies or hardware malfunctions. In both instances, the problem stemmed from an issue or a poor setting choice regarding the car’s configuration – but we do not have further details, these are the teams’ reports – therefore, there’s no direct responsibility from Brembo for both cars’ issues.”

Ralf Schumacher commented, “This also shows that the whole Christian Horner situation does not leave the team unscathed. They talk about an oversight error in tightening the brakes, but of course, they still don’t have more details on what led to this mistake.”

Mario Andretti stated, “Max’s withdrawal was unfortunate, but I struggle to accept that the brake failure was due to a mechanic’s error.”

“However, it is clear that this tense context continues to affect everyone.”

Verstappen’s Melbourne Exit: Mechanic Error Suspected. Verstappen’s Melbourne Exit: Mechanic Error Suspected


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