Alonso's Potential Move to Red Bull Sparks Buzz

Alonso’s Potential Move to Red Bull Sparks Buzz


Rumors intensify about Fernando Alonso joining Red Bull as a contingency for Max Verstappen’s possible exit. Ralf Schumacher hints at behind-the-scenes maneuvers aiming to secure a top driver for the team’s future.

According to former driver Ralf Schumacher, Red Bull is in search of a suitable replacement as the retention of Christian Horner as the director of Red Bull Racing remains unfavorably viewed by the brand’s Austrian branch and the Verstappen camp.

“Not only Max but the team as well are considering an alternative, and now there are these brand-new rumors of ongoing connections between Fernando Alonso and Red Bull.”

“Christian Horner has always been a huge admirer of Fernando Alonso. They’ve had several discussions in the past, but nothing ever materialized.”

“Apparently, there are significant intentions behind the scenes to bring Fernando Alonso into the cockpit next year to have another strong driver if Max Verstappen leaves the team.”

Schumacher believes Alonso would be a good fit for Red Bull, having demonstrated during his time with Aston Martin that he still possesses what it takes to compete with the best.

The Spaniard’s contract ends this season, opening the door to a potential move to Red Bull.

“If Fernando Alonso were to join Red Bull towards the end of his career, and in a car with which he could win, Alonso would obviously want that.”

“And you’ve seen what Alonso still did this weekend, how fast he was, how he kept George Russell from overtaking him, I think he knows what he wants and that he would fit in well.”

“And of course, it must be said today that experienced drivers are needed, you have to win right from the start. Especially at Red Bull, it’s something very, very important and I think Fernando Alonso would be a good alternative.”

As for Verstappen, Schumacher could see him joining Mercedes F1.

“Max Verstappen speaks German, and thus Mercedes is a very, very good alternative for him. And he would also fit in well, especially with his personality. But it’s still so far off.”

“And besides, theoretically, Dr. Helmut Marko’s contract must be terminated first to activate the exit clause. But I also don’t think they would stand in his way at Red Bull if he wanted to leave. Horner knows he does not have allies in the Verstappen camp.”

Alonso’s Potential Move to Red Bull Sparks Buzz. Alonso’s Potential Move to Red Bull Sparks Buzz


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