Verstappen's Jeddah Pole A Redemption Lap

Verstappen’s Jeddah Pole: A Redemption Lap


Max Verstappen’s flawless pole in Jeddah not only outshone rivals but marked a victorious comeback from his 2021 mishap, promising an electrifying race ahead.

Max Verstappen secured a clean and commanding pole position in Jeddah, with a three-tenths margin over Charles Leclerc. The three-time world champion celebrated his first pole in Saudi Arabia, erasing memories of his 2021 mistake.

“It’s been a very good day so far. We made changes to the car overnight, and it’s given me more confidence in the high-speed corners. It’s all about confidence and how you approach the limit,” Verstappen stated.

“I think the car was really good today. In qualifying, it’s amazing how fast we go here, and I was very happy with my first run in Q3. It was a bit like the missed lap in 2021, but this time I completed it! I was very happy; the car performed very well.”

The Dutchman cautioned that the race wouldn’t be easy: “As we’ve seen in the past, there are crazy races here and anything can happen. People might say it’s a one-stop strategy and we’ll easily make it to the finish, but it’s a challenge. However, I have confidence in the car.”

Sergio Perez, on the other hand, expressed frustration at missing out on the front row, finishing three-tenths behind Verstappen, right behind Leclerc. He lamented a poor final lap but remained hopeful for the race.

“I couldn’t improve on the last lap, and that’s what I needed for the front row. Max delivered an incredible lap, overtaking him was impossible for me today but the front row was achievable. Yet, it will be a long battle tomorrow and anything can happen,” the Mexican noted.

Perez is convinced that Red Bull will have to fight in the race: “It will be interesting, the race will be fun, and there will be plenty of action. The cars around us are close, so it will be intriguing.”

Verstappen’s Jeddah Pole: A Redemption Lap. Verstappen’s Jeddah Pole: A Redemption Lap


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