Verstappen F1 Future Concerns

Verstappen Worries Over F1’s Future Appeal


Max Verstappen voices concerns on F1’s future engine rules, fearing it may lose its allure for drivers and fans alike. The champion’s skepticism highlights the sport’s uncertain direction and political nature.

Since the publication of the outlines for the future engine regulations, Max Verstappen has expressed concerns about Formula 1 becoming less appealing for both drivers and fans. The three-time world champion remains skeptical and has not set a specific target to gauge if the regulations will be successful; he simply wants to see their impact on the track.

“I don’t know what numbers would be different,” Verstappen wonders.

“I don’t think we’re dumb. We’ll see how good it is. For now, it’s not very exciting yet.”

Acknowledging that the new engines could “possibly” lead to his retirement by the end of 2028, Verstappen questions his motivation on days when wins are less frequent: “Back then, I found it very frustrating not to be able to win. Because you feel like you can do it, but you can’t show it.”

“That’s why I’m very happy with where I stand today. It’s what I dreamed of. I hoped things would turn out this way. Now that the situation is here, I’m obviously trying to make the most of it.”

The Dutchman does not expect a consensus on making improvements: “But no one will agree. This sport is so political. If we push for something, others think we might have found something that could be an advantage.”

“So they say no. That’s how Formula 1 works. If you find something, it always ends up not being supported. It has always been like this, it’s part of the sport. Sometimes, you have to deal with it, because there’s nothing you can do anyway.”

Verstappen F1 Future Concerns. Verstappen F1 Future Concerns


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