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Verstappen Resists F1’s Tattoo Trend, Cites Ronaldo


Max Verstappen remains tattoo-free, diverging from F1’s ink trend, influenced by Cristiano Ronaldo’s charitable stance.

Max Verstappen has stated he has no immediate plans to join the growing ranks of tattooed Formula 1 drivers.

Upon arrival at the Sakhir paddock, journalists noted that tattoos had continued to proliferate among F1 drivers over the winter, with new artwork discovered on nearly all previously inked drivers.

Lewis Hamilton, a multiple world champion, is already extensively tattooed, while Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo, Lance Stroll, and Kevin Magnussen also sport tattoos. Other drivers revealed they received their first tattoos during the off-season, though not all were willing to show them or had visible ones.

When asked if he might soon catch the tattoo bug, Verstappen shook his head in denial.

“Never say never, but for now, it doesn’t hold much significance for me. Maybe one day there’ll be a symbol or something I’d want, but that’s not the case at the moment,” said the Red Bull driver.

“And I read an interesting story about why Ronaldo doesn’t have tattoos. So, I’m following his advice.”

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo opts against tattoos as they impose certain restrictions on his regular blood and bone marrow donations. While you can still donate blood if you have tattoos, guidelines recommend waiting four months between getting a new tattoo and donating blood.

Verstappen did not specify whether he is also a regular donor.

Verstappen Tattoo Free F1. max Verstappen Tattoo Free F1


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