Hulkenberg F1 Market Options

Hulkenberg Eyes Options Amid F1 Market Shift


Following Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, Nico Hulkenberg explores his F1 future as the driver market reacts.

Nico Hulkenberg is keeping his options open in the F1 driver market as the domino effect of Lewis Hamilton’s shocking move to Ferrari is set to unfold in the coming weeks and months.

Lewis Hamilton’s departure has left a vacancy alongside George Russell at Mercedes. Until this seat is filled, the rest is unlikely to quickly follow, according to the German.

When asked about his timing for setting up his plans for 2025, he replied, “It doesn’t work like that, whenever I want.”

“Obviously, that’s not what I wish for – it’s always about the opportunities that come your way; what the directors want, from your team or others.”

Hulkenberg Calm Amid F1 Uncertainty

“Historically, the big teams sort these things out earlier, and the smaller teams always take more time afterwards. As long as Mercedes F1 hasn’t decided or rejected certain drivers, I don’t see anyone signing anything. But I could be wrong.”

“But I’m not particularly stressed about it. I want to start the season and hope to put in some good performances, and then we’ll see what opportunities might arise from there or not.”

“To be honest, we haven’t even talked about transfers with Haas during testing because it’s the beginning. You’ve seen how much focus there is on the preseason and testing, and I suspect that in the coming months, a conversation will start to take place here. Your current team is always an option, I think that’s quite obvious.”

“But there could also be other options opening up, it’s just too early to predict or know.”

When asked if a strong start to the season could open doors to better teams, he added, “Yes, every race is important, but if you make a strong start to the season, there’s this positive or negative momentum that sets in.”

Hulkenberg F1 Market Options. Hulkenberg F1 Market Options


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