Verstappen Questions Hiring Alonso at 42 for Red Bull

Verstappen Questions Hiring Alonso at 42 for Red Bull


Max Verstappen expresses reservations about Red Bull potentially signing 42-year-old Fernando Alonso, breaking its youth tradition.

Fernando Alonso’s potential 2025 switch to Red Bull Racing stirs the Formula 1 world, hinting at a major team dynamic shift.

The Spanish driver, who is in active talks with Christian Horner according to various sources, is nevertheless more commonly viewed in the media as a possible replacement for Max Verstappen, should the latter leave for Mercedes F1.

But is it conceivable to have both drivers on the same team? Verstappen is indifferent about who his teammate is, even though he openly questions whether bringing in the Spaniard would be wise.

“I don’t care about who sits beside me. I’ve also communicated this to the team. I always back myself and, in my view, I can beat anyone.”

“However, since you’re asking, I would find it odd to hire a 42-year-old driver. Red Bull has always followed a tradition of developing young drivers themselves. They deviated from this trend with the signing of Sergio Perez, because there was no one in the pool at the time. But hiring a 42-year-old would be an even further departure.”

“I get along fine with Fernando, that’s not the issue. But I’m also looking at the team’s future. Ultimately, it’s up to them to decide who drives.”

It’s worth noting that another Spaniard, Carlos Sainz, has also started discussions with Dr. Helmut Marko for a potential spot at Red Bull Racing. However, the Austrian remains lukewarm about such a pairing, recalling the “toxic” relationship the two drivers had at Toro Rosso.

“Time has passed since then,” Marko admits, “and Carlos is certainly a fast and interesting driver. Many drivers are approaching our hospitality at this moment.”

Verstappen Questions Hiring Alonso at 42 for Red Bull. Verstappen Questions Hiring Alonso at 42 for Red Bull

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