F1 Rule Change Call After Japan GP Tyre Woes

F1 Rule Change Call After Japan GP Tyre Woes


After the lackluster FP2 at Suzuka, F1 drivers and Pirelli urge for a rule revision on intermediate tyre allocations to enhance the show and avoid future disappointments for fans and teams alike.

Previously, when a Friday session was wet, drivers received an additional set of intermediate tires. Now, they must use one of their five sets of green-banded tires.

Despite not being required to return a set after the session, unlike in dry conditions where a set must be returned to Pirelli, teams avoid using these tires to save them for potential wet conditions later in the weekend.

“It’s a pity we didn’t do this session,” said Lewis Hamilton. “They changed the tire rule, so nobody goes out and runs on intermediates, which really makes no sense. But that’s how it is.”

His teammate George Russell also expressed frustration about disappointing the Japanese fans: “It’s really sad for all the fans here, and for people who traveled halfway around the world, to not see any laps. It’s quite boring.”

“I hope the FIA will allow all teams to keep a set of dry tires for FP3 because we usually don’t do many laps in FP3, just preparing for qualifying. It would be good for us and the fans.”

“I hope common sense will prevail, and we find a solution for these conditions, as this isn’t the first time it’s happened and certainly won’t be the last.”

Would a small rule change be enough?

Simone Berra, Pirelli’s chief engineer, reminds that these rules were voted on independently of the Italian manufacturer. He reveals that Pirelli wants to discuss with the FIA how to avoid this recurring issue.

“This was voted by all the teams, the FIA, and F1,” Berra said. “Now, a team isn’t required to return a set of intermediates after using it in free practice, unlike last year.”

“So, especially on this circuit, where there’s a high level of degradation, and considering we might have rain on Sunday, most teams decided to keep the five unused sets, except RB and a few other teams that did an in-and-out lap.”

“This is something we will discuss with the FIA and the teams to try to find a way to get them to run in practice. It’s not our decision ultimately, but in the coming weeks, it will be a topic of discussion.”

Berra believes teams should be required to return a set of intermediates, even if unused, if a Friday session is wet. This would encourage them to use their tires.

“They can keep the five sets initially, but if a session is declared wet, then you must return a set of intermediates. It makes no sense not to use it and send back a new set. This would be a way to encourage them to run.”

F1 Rule Change Call After Japan GP Tyre Woes. F1 Rule Change Call After Japan GP Tyre Woes

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