Verstappen Quells Departure Fears

“No Fear of Departure”: Verstappen’s Commitment to Red Bull


Amidst swirling transfer rumors and internal strife, Max Verstappen expresses renewed faith in his Red Bull tenure through 2025, signaling a stabilized team dynamic.

Max Verstappen hinted he had fewer doubts about being with Red Bull in 2025 compared to the situation a few days ago, related to the Christian Horner affair.

Amid rumors of a possible transfer to Mercedes, the Dutchman claims the team was “no longer afraid” of his departure as the power struggle could have led to a different decision, as he admits himself.

When asked if anyone at Red Bull feared his potential departure, he responded, “At the moment, no one is afraid of that, I think.”

“But two weeks ago? Yeah… that might have been the case.”

“There was a lot of speculation because of all this (the Horner affair). But some people also read a lot, not me. And I think generally, it helps to stay focused and keep a clear mind.”

“That’s what I try to tell people in the team, that they better not read everything for a while, certain things.”

“And if there are questions, anyone in the team can always call me.”

Verstappen, whose chief mechanic left Red Bull ahead of the next weekend’s Japanese GP, highlighted the need for the team to retain its most important people.

“Of course, it’s always about being able to keep the right people as long as possible.”

“It’s a constant battle because, of course, other teams want to manage to recruit them, which is normal. This also happens with the other top teams, they have people leaving for us or elsewhere.”

When asked if he personally plays a role in trying to convince Red Bull employees to stay with the team, he replied, “It should come very naturally.”

“In the end, you shouldn’t try to hold someone back if they don’t want to be there.”

“It has to be a natural relationship.”

Verstappen Quells Departure Fears. Verstappen Quells Departure Fears


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