Verstappen Not Very Easy to Consider Leaving Red Bull

Verstappen: Not ‘Very Easy’ to Consider Leaving Red Bull


Max Verstappen remains with Red Bull, citing challenges ahead in 2026 as a key factor for his decision.

Max Verstappen repeats, he currently sees no reason to leave Red Bull Racing, at least not before 2026. The Dutchman believes that taking on a new challenge elsewhere is also not a decision that is “very easy to make”.

The RB20 is a highly competitive single-seater and seems once again tailored for him, even though rivals are dangerously close. The RB21, which will be an evolution of this F1 in 2025, should still be competitive.

But what about 2026? The Red Bull Ford engine program is entirely new and certainly offers fewer guarantees of performance and reliability than those from recognized manufacturers who have been working on turbo-hybrid V6 engines for over 10 years like Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, or Honda.

Furthermore, Red Bull can no longer rely on its genius designer, Adrian Newey, for the F1 segment.

Verstappen had previously stated that “something really crazy” would have to happen for him to consider leaving Red Bull earlier.

When asked if Newey’s departure was “crazy enough” to make him consider leaving Red Bull for a new challenge, he chose his words carefully.

“Well, ultimately, these kinds of decisions are not made very easily, but I am very happy where I am at the moment.”

“I want to be in the fastest car, that’s what I’ve always told the team. That’s what we have right now, and that’s what we will also have next year. Then, 2026 is inevitably a mystery.”

And when questioned about his possible desire to join another team and then bring it to the current level of Red Bull, the Dutchman replied, “I don’t necessarily want to suddenly create something new or different elsewhere.”

“Why would you want to leave when you’re already in the best position, and if you think you can continue like this for a long time?”

“I understand the idea of giving oneself new challenges and 2026 will be a new challenge for Red Bull as well. As I said, if the team can guarantee me what I want in terms of performance and work environment, winning again in 2026 will also be an exciting challenge even if it’s with the same team.”

Verstappen Not Very Easy to Consider Leaving Red Bull

Verstappen: Not ‘Very Easy’ to Consider Leaving Red Bull. Verstappen: Not ‘Very Easy’ to Consider Leaving Red Bull

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