Verstappen Camp Eyes Mercedes

Verstappen Camp Eyes Mercedes Amid Red Bull Rift


Following the Bahrain GP, Jos Verstappen’s call for Christian Horner’s exit sparks a major upheaval within Red Bull Racing, hinting at deep-rooted tensions.

At Red Bull, the situation has taken yet another turn following the Bahrain Grand Prix.

As reported earlier today, Jos Verstappen has publicly called for Christian Horner’s departure to defuse tensions within Red Bull, warning of potential “explosion” otherwise.

While his son, Max Verstappen, has refrained from criticizing his team director and remained detached from the investigation, his father’s comments have, willingly or not, positioned him in opposition to Horner’s continued role at Red Bull. On

Saturday night, post-race, a heated exchange between Horner and Jos Verstappen occurred at the Red Bull hospitality entrance, captured in social media videos showing an animated discussion with Horner pointing and gesturing outside the building.

These fiery exchanges and Jos Verstappen’s warnings of an impending explosion at Red Bull will inevitably lead to consequences, and there have been noticeable conversations between Jos Verstappen and Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 director, over the weekend and after the Grand Prix, including post-altercation with Horner.

According to The Telegraph, Jos Verstappen has also told friends that Max Verstappen might be forced to leave Red Bull, following discussions with Wolff.

It has been confirmed from reliable sources that Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA president, had requested Max Verstappen to publicly support Horner over the weekend, which the driver did not do, choosing instead to focus on his job.

When asked about these discussions, Wolff did not deny interest in Max Verstappen but played it down… for now.

“I’ve known Jos for 25 years – through ups and downs – and I just congratulated him on his son’s achievements. Max is in a league of his own.”

“Anything could happen next… I believe a driver will always choose the fastest car, that’s what it fundamentally comes down to. At the moment, Red Bull has the fastest car, so that will always be the priority, in my view.”

That priority stands if the management restructuring, should Horner leave, suits the Verstappens. With Adrian Newey’s continued presence being crucial, yet not guaranteed. Otherwise, they might well consider alternatives, with the Mercedes F1 seat being the prime option for 2025.

Wolff could thus leverage the turmoil surrounding Horner if calm does not return swiftly to Red Bull. Wolff also commented on another talented driver seeking a 2025 seat, Carlos Sainz, whose performance in Bahrain was notable.

“Carlos delivered a very strong performance. He’s probably still driving with some anger (following the announcement of his replacement by Hamilton). However, we are focusing on our team.”

Verstappen Camp Eyes Mercedes Amid Red Bull Rift. Verstappen Camp Eyes Mercedes Amid Red Bull Rift


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