Verstappen Assures Recovery Losing Does Sting a Bit

Verstappen Assures Recovery: “Losing Does Sting a Bit”


Max Verstappen remains resilient despite his recent setback at the Miami Grand Prix, promising a strong comeback.

Max Verstappen faced his second loss of the season at the recent Miami Grand Prix.

Although he was very happy with his friend Lando Norris’s victory, missing out on his 59th win still “hurts a bit.”

“I love winning. I love being on top, so yes, it hurts a bit when you lose. I know I can’t win them all, but if it didn’t hurt, it would mean I have no business being in F1.”

“I enjoy working with all the great people we have on the team. I always try to be as close to perfect as possible. I think that’s what really drives me. And when you have an F1 car capable of winning every race, like ours, it inevitably stings a bit.”

“But I’m okay, rest assured, I’ll recover!”

The Dutchman is a three-time world champion, and a fourth title still seems well within reach this season.

Verstappen would be pleased with that, but it’s not as if stacking up world titles is now his goal.

“I no longer have goals in Formula 1. It’s simply about staying where I am right now, in a position to win. I’m just trying to win more because I’ve already achieved everything I wanted in the sport. And then at some point, I want to race in various other motorsports outside of Formula 1.”

Verstappen was also invited to comment on his inclusion in TIME Magazine’s top 100, listing the world’s most influential people.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it. I suppose it’s good, but for me personally, it doesn’t change my life and it doesn’t change what I do here, which I find much more important. It’s not something I had in mind growing up; I wasn’t saying, ‘I need to be in the top 100 most influential people in the world.'”

“My professional life is racing cars at the moment and nothing else.”

Verstappen Assures Recovery Losing Does Sting a Bit

Verstappen Assures Recovery: “Losing Does Sting a Bit”. Verstappen Assures Recovery: “Losing Does Sting a Bit”.

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