Button Norris's Triumph Alters Nothing in His Tactics

Button: Norris’s Triumph Alters Nothing in His Tactics


Despite Lando Norris’s recent Grand Prix win, Jenson Button believes this success won’t alter Norris’s racing strategy.

Jenson Button doesn’t think Lando Norris will change his approach now that he has become a Grand Prix winner. The 2009 world champion won his first F1 race in 2006 with Honda and had to wait until 2009 to win again, and he hopes his compatriot will string wins together more quickly.

“The only thing that changes is that you’ve won a race and that memory is forever etched in your memory,” Button stated. “You always need the car to perform so that you can achieve a result again.”

“For me, it took three years, and I hope it doesn’t take him as long to win a second race. It changes nothing about the way he will race. He’s a confident driver.”

“He is very talented and he’s a team player. I expect to see him win more in the coming years and I just hope it will be as soon as possible so we can have a fight between Red Bull and McLaren.”

McLaren has accomplished “the hardest thing in F1”

The Englishman is impressed by McLaren’s progress since last year, and he thinks the team has succeeded so well due to perfect correlation, which he considers one of the most difficult things to achieve in modern Formula 1.

“The correlation seems incredible at McLaren. The improvements they made last year have made a huge difference, they did what they said on paper. That’s the hardest thing in F1.”

“Yes, you must have great people within the team, but having that correlation, CFD, aerodynamics, simulations, track, it’s huge. They have confidence in all of that and can therefore continue to build on this basis.”

“I hope it will work on other circuits, I hope it won’t depend on the circuit. The next two circuits will be very different. So I hope for them that it will continue,” he continued, before discussing the impact of these developments on the entire season.

“The championship, whatever happens, happens. In the coming races, we are going to keep an eye on McLaren. Red Bull is not just going to watch Ferrari. It’s very different from how you think before a race weekend, knowing there’s a challenge from McLaren. The strategy is a bit different. They need to be on their toes all the time.”

Button: Norris's Triumph Alters Nothing in His Tactics

Button: Norris’s Triumph Alters Nothing in His Tactics. Button: Norris’s Triumph Alters Nothing in His Tactics

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