Vasseur Title Hopes for Ferrari Realism Prevails

Vasseur: Title Hopes for Ferrari, Realism Prevails


Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur acknowledges the challenge in surpassing Max Verstappen. Despite a strong performance in Melbourne, he emphasizes the importance of both drivers’ and constructors’ titles, signaling a competitive season ahead.

However, following a brake failure for Verstappen in Melbourne that led to a Ferrari one-two finish with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, the Frenchman concedes the constructors’ crown is still within reach.

“That’s the goal,” says Vasseur.

“But fighting for the drivers’ title is also a goal, even if it might be a bit early for that this year. But we’ll see.”

Even Dr. Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s consultant, acknowledges that Ferrari could pose a threat.

“The balance of power was confirmed in Australia. Ferrari is clearly number 2 behind us, Mercedes is inconsistent, McLaren’s performance varies from track to track.”

The “Vasseur effect” at Ferrari, marked by improved performance and morale since he succeeded Mattia Binotto, is finally being felt.

“The new car is easier to drive,” continues Vasseur, “it’s easier to understand its behavior, it doesn’t give any surprises, it’s less harsh on tires and allows us to be more aggressive.”

“But not all weekends will be like Melbourne. What I ask of the team is to avoid mistakes, to improve gradually, and to maintain the same determination.”

Ferrari might now speed up certain developments, even if most of the new package won’t arrive until Imola.

When asked if there would be significant improvements in Japan, Vasseur revealed: “No, it’s too early.”

“The task now is to fully understand the car and to extract the most from it, as we haven’t achieved that yet.”

Vettel voit l’avantage de Red Bull

Indeed, former Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel admits that Red Bull is still clearly ahead, though he sees signs that “it seems to be closer” in 2024.

“But I think Max and Red Bull are still the favorites at Suzuka. We don’t know how Australia would have really played out with Max still in the race, but it doesn’t matter. It was good for Carlos and Ferrari.”

“It would be nice if there were a few more battles on track for the win, but with the dominance that Red Bull and especially Max continue to show, one can’t overlook the performance behind all of this. It cannot be emphasized enough,” adds the four-time world champion – who won each of his titles with Red Bull.

“So, I would be happy if Max returns to winning ways in Japan.”

Vasseur: Title Hopes for Ferrari, Realism Prevails. Vasseur: Title Hopes for Ferrari, Realism Prevails


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