Vasseur Reflects Frustrating Yet Crucial F1 Podium

Vasseur Reflects: Frustrating Yet Crucial F1 Podium


Fred Vasseur discusses a mixed result for Ferrari in Miami, highlighting its importance for Formula 1’s competitive spirit.

While Ferrari secured a podium finish in Miami, team principal Fred Vasseur was not fully satisfied. Although he commended McLaren F1 for their victory, he believed his team could have achieved a better result with a bit more luck. Nonetheless, he was pleased to see Formula 1 featuring a three-team battle at the front.

“First of all, I want to congratulate Lando and McLaren. They deserve it, they did an incredible job, and it’s good for F1 to see three teams fighting for the win. It makes for a great show and it’s important,” Vasseur said.

“We are somewhat frustrated because we felt we had the pace, and in such circumstances, we aim to win. But it was influenced by track positions, Lando was slightly advantaged by the safety car, which is so used to appearing in front of Max that it didn’t come out ahead of Lando.”

“There’s a midfield gap when you’re following someone at two seconds; the air gets quite turbulent and you don’t have DRS. Charles was stuck there and struggled to close the gap. But track position is crucial, and we found ourselves in that situation due to the circumstances. However, it was a good weekend, and securing third and fourth places is a solid result.”

He expressed disappointment over a more challenging race for Carlos Sainz: “At the start, Pérez missed the first corner and pushed Carlos wide, causing Carlos to lose two places to Piastri and Charles. He then battled with Piastri as a result of the start. It was more chaotic, but his pace was strong and he was catching up towards the end, so it’s positive for the team.”

Ferrari will have updates at Imola, but that’s not everything: “Yes, it’s no secret! Updates are important and they need to work, because we didn’t have any this weekend unlike our competitors. But we also need to maximize what we have, the settings, and perform well on the track, because that’s what makes the difference.”

Vasseur Reflects Frustrating Yet Crucial F1 Podium

Vasseur Reflects: Frustrating Yet Crucial F1 Podium. Vasseur Reflects: Frustrating Yet Crucial F1 Podium

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