Norris Set to Ascend After Maiden Victory

Norris Set to Ascend After Maiden Victory


Following his first Formula 1 victory, Lando Norris is predicted to reach new heights. McLaren’s recent triumph could be the key to unlocking his potential.

McLaren F1 has won its first race since Monza 2021, and notably, Lando Norris has finally overcome his bad luck to clinch his first Formula 1 Grand Prix victory. Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren, praised his driver and acknowledged the hard work done by the team at the factory and on the track.

“It’s fantastic. It’s a long-awaited victory. It’s very popular among the fans, the drivers—many drivers went up to him and congratulated him,” noted the American.

“He drove perfectly, and the car was very fast. The strategy was very good. The men and women at McLaren continued to develop the car well. And each time, Lando managed to drive faster and faster, it’s good to finally get this first win.”

“Much credit goes to the management team. With Andrea Stella, I couldn’t ask for a better team director. And it’s a lot of work from 1000 people, I’m looking forward to going to the factory to congratulate them. It’s an excellent job.”

Brown also noted Norris’s progress over time, and how he has evolved as a driver since his debut in Formula 1: “He keeps getting better, he gains performance race after race.”

“He listens, he communicates, he’s thoughtful, he’s hardworking and demanding. He has now won, and there’s a belief that he’s going to step up to the next level. And that’s how everyone is at the factory. Everything is starting to fall into place.”

Finally, he commented on Oscar Piastri, who was second early in the race but ended up trapped by the safety car and an incident with Carlos Sainz: “I feel sad for Oscar, he had a great race, got caught by the Safety Car, and didn’t finish where he should have after a great race. But his turn will come.”

Norris Set to Ascend After Maiden Victory

Brown: Norris to ‘Step Up’ After This Win. Brown: Norris to ‘Step Up’ After This Win

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