Vasseur Red Bull Untouchable But Ferrari Closes Gap

Vasseur: Red Bull ‘Untouchable’ But Ferrari Closes Gap


Ferrari showcased resilience and strategy, securing 3rd and 4th at the Japanese GP, marking a notable improvement over last year.

Fred Vasseur, the team director of Ferrari, was quite satisfied with the Scuderia’s performance at the Japanese Grand Prix.

The situation could have been better following the qualifications yesterday, but the Reds managed to secure positions behind Red Bull during the race, finishing 3rd and 4th with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, respectively.

The race pace was definitively the second best of the day and showed significant improvement compared to 2023 at the same circuit. However, Red Bull was still “untouchable,” in Vasseur’s words.

“It was a very good Sunday for the team. Red Bull remained untouchable ahead of us, but not as far as last year. This confirms what we’ve observed since the start of the year.”

“We made a strong recovery after somewhat challenging qualifications. We had a good Sunday with effective strategy and tire management. A solid race pace. To have a better weekend, we need to further improve Saturday.”

What has changed within the strategy department that has enabled Ferrari to perform much better in races now?

“It’s partly due to strategy, and partly due to tire management. When you have the pace, it’s easier to handle situations.”

“It comes with confidence. There’s much more calmness on the pit wall, which is the best way to make a decision. Everything is moving in the right direction, creating a fluid environment.”

“The situation is about getting everything in place, and when you start moving in the right direction, everyone pushes harder, everyone is calmer, everyone is more confident. It’s the opposite when there’s a negative spiral.”

“We’ve made significant progress with the car over the winter and even during the latter part of last year. Everyone on the team is much more confident and calmer. We’re working well together.”

Regarding his drivers, Vasseur is also very pleased.

“Carlos and Charles did very well, knowing from the start that there would be a different strategy. It was optimum for each, considering their starting positions, and they did not hinder each other at any point towards the end of the race. They maximized their day and, consequently, the points for the team.”

Vasseur: Red Bull ‘Untouchable’ But Ferrari Closes Gap. Vasseur: Red Bull ‘Untouchable’ But Ferrari Closes Gap

Vasseur Red Bull Untouchable But Ferrari Closes Gap
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