Vasseur: Hamilton's Vision to Boost Ferrari's Edge

Vasseur: Hamilton’s Vision to Boost Ferrari’s Edge


Ferrari team principal Vasseur believes Hamilton’s unique perspective will significantly enhance the team’s performance.

In an interview given to La Repubblica today, before the start of the Imola Grand Prix weekend, Ferrari director Fred Vasseur also discussed the 2025 season.

Even though he prefers not to talk about the topic during the season, he inevitably ends up discussing Lewis Hamilton’s arrival.

When asked what Hamilton will bring to Ferrari, Vasseur responded: “New blood in the system.”

“I am familiar with his professionalism, not that our drivers lack it, but Lewis has a different perspective on things, and we can benefit from that.”

“With Fernando Alonso, he is one of the most experienced drivers on the grid, the most successful, with the most track experience as well as in terms of victories and championships. This will certainly bring speed on the track, but not only that.”

“He will also bring his knowledge off the car on how to approach a weekend. He knows how to put pressure on the team with the goal of achieving excellence. This will push us a lot.”

“However, we must not forget that we are now looking at everything in detail. Any particular or unique contribution can make a difference.”

Was it difficult to convince him to leave Mercedes F1 while he had an ongoing contract?

“Honestly, it wasn’t difficult at all. I think he’s had this in mind for a long time, and maybe this year, for several reasons, including the fact that he had the opportunity to leave Mercedes, we had a spot available and a good relationship, it was the right time for both of us.”

“All the planets aligned perfectly for once. I think it’s a good opportunity for him, for us.”

Has Toto Wolff’s relationship with him changed since this masterstroke?

“No, it’s still good. When I entered F1 ten years ago, we knew that at some point we might compete on certain matters and it would be a problem for the personal relationship, but it is also true that so far we have never been direct rivals.”

“Last year was our first battle on track, but we have always tried to separate business from personal. It’s not always easy, in this sport it’s complicated to completely divide things.”

How does he see the Hamilton-Leclerc duo?

“I never ask my drivers to be best friends or to go on vacation together, I don’t do it with my colleagues to work better!”

“They just need to have an open and respectful relationship, I think that’s established between the two, I don’t see any clouds in the sky.”

“They have already started to get a bit closer over the last few months, it’s a training period, like a honeymoon. I would say so far, so good.”

The arrival of the Briton costs Carlos Sainz his place, who absolutely does not deserve it…

“It wasn’t easy, I have absolute respect for Carlos. It was difficult to make this decision, but I think Carlos’s reaction was super professional, he has a great respect for Ferrari, we agreed to stay focused on the season and do our best to push until the last turn of the season because it was in our mutual interest.”

Vasseur: Hamilton’s Vision to Boost Ferrari’s Edge. Vasseur: Hamilton’s Vision to Boost Ferrari’s Edge

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