Schumacher Consults Vettel for Le Mans Insights

Schumacher Consults Vettel for Le Mans Insights


Mick Schumacher taps Sebastian Vettel for advice ahead of his anticipated Le Mans debut with Alpine.

Before his debut at Le Mans next month, Mick Schumacher says he will directly consult his friend and mentor Sebastian Vettel about his experience in the event.

Schumacher Consults Vettel for Le Mans Insights

Despite a recent comprehensive test, Porsche has ruled out the four-time world champion Vettel from its Hypercar driver trios for this year’s legendary 24-hour endurance race.

While he is still striving to return to the Formula 1 grid, 25-year-old Schumacher will be at Le Mans, driving Alpine’s Hypercar.

A dress rehearsal for Le Mans took place last weekend at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, where Schumacher’s car failed to score a point during the 6-hour race.

“We achieved our goal of a clean race,” said Mick, son of Michael Schumacher.

“Unfortunately, the red flag compromised our chances for a result. Without it, points were very likely within our reach. We were unlucky, but that’s how motorsport can be sometimes.”

“Nevertheless, we have many positive takeaways before the next race at Le Mans, where everything must be perfect!”

Schumacher states that the Alpine project is a good platform for his efforts to return to F1.

“I see it as a different challenge in the sense that I need to get accustomed to something new as a driver.”

“It’s already important that I can quickly adapt to new cars for my role in Formula 1 as a reserve driver for Mercedes, McLaren, and Williams.”

As for Vettel, Schumacher hinted that his friend might be at Le Mans—even if he’s not racing.

“I always enjoy seeing Sebastian, no matter where.”

“I’ve never experienced Le Mans myself, so after the race, I’ll probably tell him everything I experienced, my experience, everything he wants to know. Whether it’s worth doing or not, but I already have my positive idea about it!”

Schumacher Consults Vettel for Le Mans Insights

Schumacher Consults Vettel for Le Mans Insights. Schumacher Consults Vettel for Le Mans Insights

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