Vasseur Ferrari Focus on Growth Not Red Bull Rivalry

Vasseur: Ferrari Focus on Growth, Not Red Bull Rivalry


Fred Vasseur emphasizes Ferrari’s development over rivalry with Red Bull, following a promising show in Melbourne.

Vasseur is not keen on speculating whether Ferrari can challenge Red Bull, following their strong pace in Melbourne. The Scuderia’s team principal believes focus should remain on improving their own performance.

“I’m not focusing on Red Bull’s performance at all,” Vasseur stated. “My focus is on our car’s performance. We’ve made a significant step forward, possibly on a single lap, that’s true, but last year we were nowhere. We’ve made a significant leap forward, I believe, in terms of consistency across both compounds.”

Ferrari has notably gained a better understanding of their car compared to last year: “The car is much easier to drive, much easier for the drivers to read, and, consequently, much easier to develop.”

“This is probably the biggest leap we’ve made from last year, something that’s not easily manageable, but it at least allows us to have a good read on the car right from the start of the weekend.”

“We can put them under pressure”

The Frenchman is confident that Ferrari now has more confidence and knows that they can challenge Red Bull in certain situations. However, he remains cautious, noting the difficulty of performing at the highest level every weekend, while affirming that this is the goal.

“Confidence is a crucial factor in your company’s results. I think we’ve gained confidence over the past month, as was already the case last year during the latter part of the season.”

“This weekend is proof that when we put everything together, and I’m not sure we can do it every weekend, we can put them under pressure. And it’s when they’re under pressure that they make the most mistakes, which means we must continue in this direction.”

“We are much more confident that we can handle this kind of event because from the first lap, the first day, we were there. We were performing well, and everything was going smoothly, and it’s in this situation that we have the best car for Sunday.”

Vasseur: Ferrari Focus on Growth, Not Red Bull Rivalry. Vasseur: Ferrari Focus on Growth, Not Red Bull Rivalry


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